Hide e-mails for specific domains when sending invitation


You can hide e-mails for specific domains in General e-mail settings under Configuration.

IMPORTANT: You must setup SMTP settings in your Conference Proxy in order to test hiding e-mails for specific domains. If you don't already setup it, please check here.

Step 1

In General settings under Configuration set setting Hide e-mail sender for domains to "islonline.com".

Step 2

Create new meeting and send invitation. If you don't know how to do that, please check here from step 3 to step 6.

Step 3

When you send invitation, "From" e-mail is the one you set in SMTP configuration ("default-from@islonline.com"). Since we hide sender e-mails for domain "islonline.com", "Reply-to" is the same as Default e-mail from address in SMTP configuration ("default-from@islonline.com").

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