Different ways to login to Conference Proxy


You have 3 different ways to login to Conference Proxy:

  • domain and username - "\\domain\username"
  • just username (if the username is in the default domain) - "\\\username"
  • email - "user@host.com"

IMPORTANT: Login is case sensitive.

You can manipulate login with following settings:

  • General section:
    • Login enabled
    • Login valid after
    • Login valid before
  • Security section
    • Enable matching on authentication
    • Max accounts when authenticating with email matching
    • Maximum failed logins for user
    • Maximum failed logins for address
    • Maximum failed logins period in seconds

You can manipulate login settings on 4 different scopes:

  • GRID (highest)
  • server
  • domain
  • user (lowest)

Scopes have different priorities - higher level scopes inherit setting values from lower level scopes. This only happens when the higher level scopes use value "No (allow override)".

NOTE: You need to create three users - testuser1, testuser2 and testuser3 in default domain for guides below. To see how to create and manipulate user accounts check here.

  1. How to disable login
  2. How to enable login in a time range
  3. How to login with email
  4. How to limit use of same email for different users
  5. How to limit maximum failed logins
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