Integration with Autotask


Step 1

Send an email to with the subject "Please enable Autotask integration". The content should include your ISL Online account username and number of Autotask users.

It may take few days until ISL Online enables the integration on your account. You can follow the next steps of this manual already before, but, will not be able to test the integration until your account is enabled.
Enabling the Autotask integration may be subject to a fee.

Step 2

Please confirm you have specified a domain for your ISL Online account: Log in to your ISL Online account at Click "Users". You should see the users of your account listed under your chosen domain name. If no domain has been specified for your account yet, please follow these instructions to create one:

Step 3

Please contact your Autotask account manager to create an API user in your Autotask environment with name "ISL Online", username This user will be used for appending remote desktop session information into tickets. Please mind that the user name is presented exactly as "ISL Online". 

Autotask Licensing: The "ISL Online" user needs to be added in Autotask as an API licensed user. All Autotask accounts include some API users free of charge. Talk to your Autotask account manager for further information.

Make sure the API account is unlocked and credentials are correct by logging into Autotask using the newly created API account. If your API account is locked, contact your Autotask account manager to unlock the API account.

Step 4

Open Autotask and log in with your username and password.

Step 5

Go to Admin > Admin categories > Extensions & Integrations.

Step 6

Expand Autotask add-ons and click “LiveLinks Designer” link.

Step 7

Click the “New” button.

Step 8

Fill the form with following settings:

LiveLink Name: ISL Light session start

Label: Start an ISL Light session

Category: Service Desk

Description: Starts a new ISL Light support session.

LiveLink Application Name: [No LiveLink Application]

Entity: Ticket

Base URL:

Form Post Parameters:

Parameter name 
Parameter value 
Autotask login of API user "ISL Online" created in Step 1
username of API user named "ISL Online", e.g., created in Step 1

it should contain the number of your Autotask server. E.g. if you login on, the WSDL URL should be
autotask_ticket_id <TICKETID> Parameter name
autotask_user <Autotask_Username> Parameter name
your ISL Online account login password
islonline_login_server for SaaS or your serverhostname for Server License
 your ISL Online account login username e.g.\\company\username

Important: Please make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces when copying and pasting the values into the form.

Step 9

Click “Save & Publish” button.

Step 10

Check “Service Desk User” under Security Levels tab.

Step 11

Select user(s) under Resources tab and click “Save & Close” button.

Step 12

Right click on the ISL Online session start LiveLink and click “Copy LiveLink”.

Step 13

Change the following settings:

LiveLink Name: ISL Online dashboard 

Label: Open ISL Online dashboard 

Description: Opens the ISL Online dashboard where you can start a new support session and see the session history for the current ticket.

Base URL:

Click the "Active" checkbox.

Click “Save & Publish” button.

Step 14

Click “Save & Close” button..

Do not forget to Enable Browser Popups!

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