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This chapter provides information on how to upgrade from the trial version. It is a simple procedure and it does not require you to reinstall the ISL Conference Proxy. When you purchase a new activation key, you need to activate it, assign the new license to one of your defined servers and create a new packet. Then you simply upload the new license file to your ISL Conference Proxy and that concludes the upgrade procedure.

If you have been using your free 30-day server license trial and you wish to continue using it after the trial expires, you are welcome to purchase an activation key:

  1. Go to our online shop and select the Server License option on the left - direct link to the Server License shop.
  2. Choose the desired item and click Buy below it, then finish the shopping procedure. If you do not wish to pay with a credit card, you can ask us for a proforma invoice by sending an e-mail to sales@islonline.com. When you receive the proforma invoice, you can pay using a bank transfer.

When you receive your activation key, you should login to your ISL Online account and activate your activation key using the instructions in the Activate the key chapter.

Having activated your activation key, you should assign the new license to one of your defined servers using the instructions in the Assign licenses chapter.

Now you need to create a new packet - please use the instructions in the Create a packet chapter.

You should now have the new license file (confproxy-3-5.license) and you should upload it to your ISL Conference Proxy using the following steps:

  1. Open web administration, which is available at address http://localhost:7615/conf.
  2. Login as user admin, password asd.
  3. Select Licenses and upload the license file (confproxy-3-5.license).
  4. Select Online update and download all necessary software components (ISL Light, ...).

Note: You may need to perform the Online update a few times, until all Conference Proxy components are updated. Please repeat the step 4 until there are no more updates available.

This concludes the upgrade procedure. All your ISL Conference Proxy settings have been preserved and you can continue using it.

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