Starting ISL Groop


Standard interface for accessing ISL Online products can be reached through the http://localhost/ address in your browser (replace localhost in the address with the appropriate server address for your situation):

Only the Join page (the default page) is available when not logged in - all other options in the menu on the left will ask you to login first.

To join a meeting with a certain session code, simply enter it into the provided space and click Connect.

Click ISL Groop on the left and login with the desired username and password. Once logged in, you will be presented with a list of your meetings where you can join an existing meeting, modify its parameters or create a new meeting.


Advanced start mode

  1. Go to http://localhost:7615/users/programs.
  2. You will be presented with a page that looks like this:


  1. You will see several categories / criteria, e.g. Download type, Branch, Program name, Platform etc. Please refer to the list below for more information on these criteria:
  • Download type (Automatic updater selects the net start version that checks for new versions on startup, while Normal selects the full version)
  • Branch (use this criterion to set which branches should be used - default value is stable)
  • Stable since (YYYY-MM-DD) (use this criterion to specify the earliest release date that should be considered when choosing a program)
  • Max date (YYYY-MM-DD) (use this criterion to specify the latest release date that should be considered when choosing a program)
  • Program name (use this criterion to select the desired program name, e.g. ISL Groop)
  • Platform (use this criterion to select the desired platform - default value is to auto-detect the current operating system)
  • Customization (use this option to specify a certain customization name that should be used)
  • Intranet (use this criterion to specify whether the downloaded program should be configured for intranet use or internet use)
  1. As you select the desired options for the desired criteria, those criteria disappear from the view since they have already been defined and they are .
  2. After you have selected at least Program name and Download type, you will see Download link below the last not yet defined criterion, as well as a list of files that match your currently set criteria. If you click the Download link, it will download the latest version that matches your selected criteria (latest from the list displayed below). If you wish to download a specific version from the list below, click the direct download link next to the desired version.

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