Connect to Remote Computer - ISL Light


Step 1

Launch ISL Light and log in with your credentials for ISL Conference Proxy server. 

Note: Make sure that the bar at the bottom shows the IP address or the DNS name of your ISL Conference Proxy server. If incorrect IP or DNS name is shown (e.g. ISL  Online Network - used for hosted license users), click on the plus sign next to the adress and enter the correct one in the pop-up window.

Step 2

Click on the "Computers" tab to list all computers accessible with ISL AlwaysOn and click on the one you wish to connect to .

Step 3

Enter the access password and click on "Connect" to connect to the remote computer. ISL Light session will be established.

Step 4 (Options)

Before you start the remote control session you can enable the following options, that will take effect when connection is established:

  • Disable remote mouse and keyboard - Immediately disable remote mouse and keyboard when session starts 
  • Stream in best quality - Set the stream quality to highest possible
  • Stream Remote Sound - You will be able to hear the sound played on the remote computer
  • Show desktop background - Desktop background of the remote computer is removed by default during the connection to save bandwidth, enable this option to leave the background of the remote computer as is
  • Enable black screen - Turn the remote screen black to have more privacy during session
  • Minimize remote interface - Show no windows on the remote side when the connection is established
  • Download client (Longer connection time) - Download a client on the remote side. If there is a person present at the remote computer they will have more options available to them trough the client interface than trough a standard window which is shown normally
  • Show minimal remote interface - Show only a minimal window on the remote side with basic connection information
  • Connect to existing RDP session - If there is an active RDP session established to the remote computer connect into it

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