Add a New Computer


Step 1

Login with your ISL Conference Proxy account by pressing the "Login" button in the top right corner.

Note: Access the login page at http://localhost/ address (replace localhost with the appropriate server address for your situation). 


Step 2

Enter your username and password provided to you by your ISL Conference Proxy administrator and click "Login".

Step 3

Click "Remote Access" tab once you are logged in.

Step 4

Click "Add Remote Computer" button to add a new computer.

Note: Clicking the "Add This Computer" button will allow you to add the current computer to the list of accessible computers. If you wish to do that, go directly to Step 6 and follow the instructions from there.

Step 5

Enter the email(s) into the Send to: window and click "Send" to send the invitation link.

Note: You can also share the Invitation Link by any other mean available to you e.g. Chat, SMS, over the phone...

Note: Additionally only the session code (in the example above 765-732-367-163) can be copied and entered at the target computer into the ISL Conference Proxy join page, seen in Step 1 (access the join page at http://localhost/ address in your browser - replace localhost with the appropriate server address for your situation).

Step 6 (operator side)

Click "Run" to start the generated ISL AlwaysOn executable.

Note: In some cases you might get a warning that the executable file is unsigned/not signed correctly. This can happen if you have not updated your licence to include the latest security updates provided by ISL Online. The following topic covers the code signing aspect of ISL Conference Proxy: Enabling code signing.

Step 7

Click "Next" to follow the installation procedure. Click "Finish" when setup is complete.

Step 8

Choose and enter the remote access password used for accessing the computer.

Note: This is the last security step before you are granted control of the remote computer, so make sure that you select a strong password. You will need to provide the access password each time you try to access the remote computer. The access password can be changed in the Computer Access Configurations, but everybody having access to this computer has to be informed about the change. The password is stored locally in the computer registry. Note that when selecting a strong password it is better to choose length over complexity as a longer password is much tougher to crack then a complex one.

Step 9

New computer is now added to the list of accessible devices and will appear in the Remote Access tab.

You have now successfully added a computer to your list. Please continue to the Access a computer chapter to learn how to access that computer from anywhere.

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