On Demand


You can activate On Demand for your remote computers so that communication between the computer and the server will only occur when requested by the server. This functionality is only available if your server is on site.

 In order to active On Demand for your server, go to you conference proxy configuration (yourserveraddress.com/conf).

  1. Log in to your admin account and go to Configuration -> ISL AlwaysOn.
  2. Find the setting "Allow use OnDemand functionality" and change it to "Yes". Then click "Save".
  3. Now, open up your ISL AlwaysOn client on the remote computer that you want to activate On Demand for.
  4. Go to Settings -> Advanced -> On Demand.

Ensure that "Use default server settings" is checked, and click "Save". ("Allow On Demand mode" should also be checked, if not please repeat step 2).

On Demand mode is now activated! If you hover over the ISL AlwaysOn tray icon, you should see that it is "Enabled and on demand". Communication between the remote computer and the server will now only occur when requested by the server.

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