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ISL Pronto stores a lot of its settings in registries (or equivalent on OS X and Linux). Most of them are true/false values corresponding to some check box state. Passwords are not stored in registries but in Credential Manger (Keychain Access on OS X).

Depending on your OS the settings are stored in:

  • Windows: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ISL Online\ISL Pronto
  • OS X: /Users/your_user_name/Library/Preferences/com.isl-online.ISL Pronto.plist
  • Linux: /home/your_user_name/.config/ISL Online/ISL Pronto.conf

Note: This chapter contains only registries and the settings they correspond to. For more information on what each settings purpose see Settings.

Events settings registries

  • Events_allowServerSoundDelays: Corresponds to "Allow server to set sound effects delay" option.
  • Events_disableSoundAfter: Stores the "Disable sound effects after (seconds)" value.
  • Events_hideNotifications: Corresponds to "Do not show notifications, only change the icon" option.
  • Events_hideNotificationsAfterSeconds: Stores the "Hide notifications after(seconds)" value.
  • Events_hideNotificationsTimeout: Corresponds to "Hide notifications after" check box.
  • Events_pcSpeaker: Corresponds to "PC speaker notifications enabled" option.
  • Events_sound_message: Stores the path for "Custom sound for message events" setting.
  • Events_sound_normal: Stores the path for "Custom sound for regular events" setting.
  • Events_soundDevice: Stores the value for "Use sound device" option.
  • Events_soundFx: Corresponds to Sound notifications "Enabled" check box state.
  • Events_startSoundAfter: Stores the value for "sound effect delay (seconds)" option.
  • userActivity: Stores the value for "Set status to unavailable if inactive"  and its check box state (value is set to 0xffffffff if option unchecked).
  • userActivityAdvanced: Settings for advanced user activity setup (where available on platform).


Phone settings registries

  • PhoneCaller::device: Holds the chosen "Phone device" option value.
  • PhoneCaller::remember_numbers: Stores the  "Remember phone numbers" value.


Updates settings registries

  • updates_auto_enabled: Corresponds to "Check periodically for new versions of the application (minutes)" check box state.
  • updates_auto_interval: Stores the "Check periodically for new versions of the application (minutes)" value.
  • updates_auto_last: Time (in unix time) when last check for update was made.


GUI Registries

  • initialSetupAlready: Initialization string for the version of program (each version sets its own, if not matching show configuration on start up).
  • ISLPronto::ChatHistoryWidget::chatList#columns: Values required to save GUI state.
  • ISLPronto::ClientList#columns: Values required to save GUI state.
  • ISLPronto::Gui#geometry: Values required to save GUI state.
  • ISLPronto::Gui#state: Values required to save GUI state.
  • ISLPronto::UserList::available_front: Corresponds to the "Keep available users on top" option for the user list.
  • ISLPronto::UserList::display: Stores the display choice for the user list. Either "List of users" (flat) or "Categorised by filters" (filters).
  • ISLPronto::UserList::show_chats: Corresponds to the "Show user chats" option for the user list.
  • QtUtils::PhoneCallGui#geometry: Values required to save GUI state.
  • lang: Stores the value of the currently selected language (en , nl, ...).
  • langChosen: Has language been set already?
  • lastSendFileDir: Holds path to the directory of last sent file.
  • status: Stores the supporters status (Available, Busy, ...).


Connection settings registries

  • server: Holds the value for "Server".
  • user: Holds the value for the "Username" option.
  • description: Holds the "Description" value.


Schedule settings registries

  • scheduleDomain: Corresponds to the "Use domains settings" check box state.
  • scheduleRules: Holds schedule rules like: 1-3=07:00-16:00;1=08:00-16:00.


Remote desktop settings registries

  • remoteDesktopDomain: Corresponds to the "Use domains settings" check box state.
  • ISLLightClientBootCustom: Holds the value for ISL Light Client "Command line".
  • ISLLightClientCustomp: Holds the value for ISL Light Client "Custom parameters".
  • ISLLightDeskBootCustom: Stores the value for ISL Light Desk "Command line".
  • ISLLightDeskCustomp: Stores the value for ISL Light Desk "Custom parameters".
  • ISLLightDeskUser: Stores the value for ISL Light Desk "Username".
  • ISLLightNotBusy: Corresponds to the "Do not change to busy status automatically" check box state.
  • ISLLightUseInstalled: Corresponds to the "Use installed ISL Light for remote desktop" check box state.


Integration settings registries

  • integrationDomain: Corresponds to the "Use domains settings" check box state.
  • chatInfoLink: Holds the value for Chat info "Open link".        
  • chatInfoOpenAtEnd: Should the chat info be opened at the end of a chat.
  • closeChatWhenMyselfOnly: Corresponds to the "Close automatically when I am the only one left" check box status.
  • closeChatWhenNoClient: Corresponds to the "Close automatically when client leaves" check box status.
  • customClientInfo: Stores the value for "Additional client info columns".
  • endChatOnClose: Corresponds to the "End chat automatically when I close the chat tab" check box state.
  • hideUrl: Corresponds to the "Hide "Current page" in client data" check box state.
  • notifySecondary: Corresponds to the "Notify me, when client sees no available supporters" check box state.


Other connection registries

  • connectionId: Holds the connections identifier number.
  • cp_protocol: Stores the ISL Conference Proxy protocol used.
  • gridConf Stores the Grid Identification in human readable text.
  • gridID: Holds the Grid ID (hexID).
  • protocol: Holds the protocol version used.
  • status: Stores users current status.
  • trEngine: Holds the binary data used by the translation engine.
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