Connect via Mobile App - iOS


Step 1

Open the ISL Light and tap the "Login as Operator" button.

Step 2

Enter the username and password of your ISL Online account and tap "Login".

Note: If you do not have an ISL Online account, please visit to create a new account.

Step 3


Tap on the "Remote Support" tab once logged in.


Step 3

The session code will be generated automatically. Share it with your client in any way you see fit (sms, over the phone...)

Note: If you wish to invite your client via email, press "Email Invitation" button. 

Note: To generate a new session code tap the  button in the top right corner of the screen.


Step 4

Once the client enters the session code the session is established. Tap the button on the top right to open viewing options.


Step 5

Tap "View Remote Desktop" in the pop up menu to start viewing the client's desktop.

Step 6

Tap "Done" when you read the instructions on how to control the remote screen.

Note: Toggle the "Show Instruction" slider to off if you don't want to see the instructions in the next session.

Step 6

Remote computer screen will now be displayed.

Note: Controls remain the same if the remote device has multiple monitors as seen above.

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