Connect to Unattended Computer


To start a connection with ISL Light Mobile, please follow the instructions below:

Two examples are shown depending on whether the unattended computer you want to connect to is online or not. Please select the appropriate one for your situation:

 Connecting to an Online computer

Step 1

Launch ISL Light and login as operator.

Step 2

Enter the username and password for your ISL Online account then tap the "Login" button.

Step 3

Tap on "All Computers".

Step 4

Tap "the computer" you wish to access from the list.

Note: You can view more information about the computers details by clicking on the  button.

Note: If unattended computer is online it will have a green icon next to its name, and a gray one if it is offline. If your computer is offline please proceed with the steps described here: Connecting to an Offline computer to bring it back online. 

Step 5

Enter the "Access Password" (the password you set up when installing ISL Always On on the computer you are accessing) and tap "Connect".

Step 6

Tap "Done" when you read the instructions on how to control the remote screen.

Note: Toggle the "Show Instruction" slider to off if you don't want to see the instructions in the next session.


Step 7

Now you can control remote computer.

 Connecting to an Offline computer

Step 1

Press the  icon next to a desired computer that is offline.

Step 2

Tap the "Send WOL" button, this will send a "Wake On Lan" packet to a target computer to bring it back online.

Step 3

When computer wakes up and comes online, continue from Step 4 above. 

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