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Server licence users: The procedure for server licence differs from the procedure for hosted service users - please go to this topic for more information.


Here is an example for both login and join:


You can enter your ISL Online products username and password in the top section and click Login. If the username/password combination is valid, you will be logged in and taken to the product page. In case the username/password combination is not valid, you will see an error in red.

Your customer can enter the session code in the bottom section and click Join. If the provided session code is not valid, you will see an error in red. If the session code is valid, you will see the name of the supporter next to the session code and a Start button. If you click the Start button, it will start ISL Light Client and connect to the session with the provided session code.

Note: That this is just a basic example to demonstrate main principles of using webapi, you can modify it to suit your needs. 

For most use cases you do not need to put the login part on your webpage (at least not next to the join part), so we prepared a separate example with just the join form. If a customer enters an invalid session code, an error is shown in red frame. If the customer enters a valid session code, a notification is shown in green frame and the download of ISL Light Client with that session code is started automatically (if a customer uses Internet Explorer, another button is shown and needs to be clicked in order to start the download).


You can check the webapi source for detailed information:,login&readable=1

Integration using URI Scheme

ISL Light 4.0.2+ now supports URI scheme to load the program from the web browser when you already have ISL Light installed.

The format for using the ISL Light scheme is: <a href="isllight:// > (Note for server license users: replace "" with your server address).

This will open ISL Light to the login screen (note: your browser may ask for you to "Launch Application").


Using Command Line Parameters

You can use command line parameters to customise how the program is loaded

See this documentation for information on how to use command line parameters with ISL Light:



You can use the "--connect" parameter to load the program to the join box. This can have a code entered to it also so that it automatically connects to the session.

Connecting to session with code "12345678":

isllight:// (Click to see the affect - make sure you have ISL Light installed)


Using ISL Light scheme for mobile devices


For Android, links must be constructed in the following format:

<a href="intent:#Intent;action=android.intent.action.VIEW;;S.connect=serverhost;S.httpt_port=7615%2C443%2C80;S.cmdline=--connect%20123456789;launchFlags=335544320;end">Open application</a>
  • S.connect represents URL encoded server to connect to
  • S.httpt_port represents URL encoded port, or list of ports
  • S.cmdline represents URL encoded ISL Light command line parameters (Currently, the two supported arguments are --get-code and --connect 12345678)


Using this link, ISL Light for Android will:

  • Disconnect all existing sessions
  • Reconfigure settings to use server hostname as defined in the S.connect parameter and the port settings defined in the S.httpt_ports parameter
  • Parse the S.cmdline parameters to decide which activity to start (If --connect 12345678 is specified, the application will open into "Join Session" and the code will be entered into the input field)



iOS supports smart banners which can be used to provide a banner on a webpage to open the app. If the app is not installed, the user is taken to the app store to download the app. Additionally, the regular links can be used as shown at the top of this section (<a href="isllight://">)

To use a smart banner, put the following code into the HTML head element:

<meta name="apple-itunes-app" content="app-id=427579815, app-argument=isllight://">

(where "12345678" is the session code you want to join. Server license users can change "islonline,net" to their server address, and also specify a port "")



UWP supports URI scheme for joining ISL Light session. The link must be constructed in the following format:


(where "12345678" is the session code you want to join. Server license users can change "" to their server address, and also specify a port "")

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