Session Information


With ISL Light 4.0 new options became available to set and view session information trough ISL Conference Proxy. This can be down via the following options:

Session Information - ISL Light

Press the button and click "Edit" to edit the session information.

Enter new information regarding the session then click "Save". 

Note: Information entered here can be edited later and viewed in the session reports.


Entered information is showed immediately after clicking "Save".


Session Information - Web

Active sessions are displayed under the Remote Support tab when you log into ISL Conference Proxy.

In the drop-down menu for an active session select "Edit" to edit the session information.

Edit the desired fields then click "Save".

 Click on "Details" to display full session information.

All available session and client information are displayed together with any information entered by the supporter.


Session Information - Reports

Similarly all the entered information can be accessed in Reports tab in ISL Conference Proxy.

When logged into ISL Conference Proxy, click on your username and select "Reports".

Select "Remote Support" to access the reports for ISL Light sessions.

Under Reports you can view session reports for the selected time range, including the information edited and added during the session (as shown above).

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