XMLMSG is a way to control ISL Conference Proxy database remotely by using XML messages. XMLMSG is available as a simple web page entry form or direct HTTP POST access for developers. Most XMLMSG messages will need the database secret. Please set the database secret in ISL Conference Proxy administration (available at Configuration - General - Database secret).

Web entry form is particularly suitable for testing or quick database updates. It is available at http://localhost:7615/xmlmsg_form.html (open the link in the web browser on the server). The message will be sent by pressing the Sendbutton. Server will respond with a message which describes the actions taken.

HTTP POST can be used to send XMLMSG messages automatically from a program. "Content-Type" of the HTTP POST request must be set to text/xml.

Note: Whole protocol specification is available at http://localhost:7615/xmlmsg/relaxng.xml.

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