Configuring ISL Conference Proxy


  1. Login to your ISL Conference Proxy administration (e.g. http://localhost:7615/conf).
  2. Go to Configuration -> Advanced -> Integration.
  3. Uncheck theGlobal HTTP Eventsoption and change its value to Yes.
  4. Uncheck the Global HTTP Events server option and write the web server IP address in the provided space.
  5. Uncheck the Global HTTP Events path option and write /example/events.php in the provided space.
  6. Uncheck the Global HTTP Events strict error checking option and change its value to Yes.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Go to Configuration -> Advanced -> File storage, then click the Privatetab.
  9. Upload the custom_raw_content_poll.html file.
  10. Upload the custom_raw_content_poll_ok.html file.
  11. Go to Configuration -> ISL Pronto.
  12. Uncheck the Open link when client closes chat option and enter/users/custom/poll.html in the provided space.
  13. Click Save.

You have now enabled global HTTP events on the ISL Conference Proxy and set the proper destination, as well as set the options for customer satisfaction polls that will be used in this example. Please continue to the next section: Using the viewer script.

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