ISL Conference Proxy 4.4.2335.62 for Windows and Linux (2024-01-18)


On 18th of January the following was released:

  • ISL Conference Proxy 4.4.2335.62 for for Windows 64bit (Platform=win64, Revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16, req_os_version=0x06011db1-0x7fffffff)
  • ISL Conference Proxy 4.4.2335.62 for for Linux 64bit (Platform=linux64, Revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16, req_os_version=0x0206200000-0xffffffffff)


  • Administration 4.4.2335.62 (revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16)
  • Audit 4.4.2335.62 (revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16)
  • Authentication 4.4.2335.62 (revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16)
  • Backup 4.4.2335.62 (revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16)
  • Core Login 4.4.2335.62 (revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16)
  • DNS 4.4.2335.62 (revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16)
  • GeoIP 4.4.2335.62 (revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16)
  • Integrator 4.4.2335.62 (revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16)
  • ISL AlwaysOn 4.4.2335.62 (revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16)
  • ISL Groop 4.4.2335.62 (revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16)
  • ISL Light 4.4.2335.62 (revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16)
  • ISL Pronto 4.4.2335.62 (revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16)
  • Locale 4.4.2335.62 (revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16)
  • NTP 4.4.2335.62 (revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16)
  • 2024-01-16 PostgreSQL 4.4.2335.62 (revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16)
  • Reports 4.4.2335.62 (revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16)
  • SSL 4.4.2335.62 (revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16)
  • Storage 4.4.2335.62 (revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16)
  • System Monitor 4.4.2335.62 (revision=e6d8fac29b2fb7d1cd1174c068ac085068be86a4, release_date=2024-01-16)


  • administration_20240116_20240116_102157.translation
  • backup_20240116_20240116_102157.translation
  • core_login_20240116_20240116_102157.translation
  • integrator_20240116_20240116_102157.translation
  • isl_alwayson_20240116_20240116_102157.translation
  • isl_conference_proxy_20240116_20240116_102157.translation
  • isl_groop_20240116_20240116_102157.translation
  • isl_light_20240116_20240116_102157.translation
  • isl_pronto_20240116_20240116_102157.translation
  • reports_20240116_20240116_102157.translation
  • ssl_20240116_20240116_102157.translation

Update availability

All updates have release date set to 2024-01-16. Your ESS will need to be  same or higher to be able to update your server. This release is available to all countries except Japan.

Upgrading to new version

This are server side updates so hosted service users do not need to do anything.

Server license users please check Upgrading Server License


ISL Conference Proxy - Administration - Add support for render overrides in Settings panel (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-2976] More


Registered two new webapi methods: "domain/admin/user/setting/list/2" and "domain/admin/domain/setting/list/2". New parameter "keys" is now added, which supports retrieving settings by key exactly. In Administration, it supports registering general purpose "render overrides", which can be used when customizing callbacks.

ISL AlwaysOn - Module - Add flag to toggle link wizard page content (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3004] More


New option "Custom Deployment Link" was added to ISL AlwaysOn pages in dropdown "Set Unattended Access". Custom Deployment Link page provides various options to help to deploy the ISL AlwaysOn agent to remote computers, setting Computer Name/Alias, Computer Group, Tags, Access Password and options for Silent Install and to Upgrade ISL AlwaysOn. Generated deployment link can be copied or ISL AlwaysOn with set options can be downloaded.

ISL Conference Proxy - Core - Improve cache logging in packet generator (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3082] More


New logs were added in "[Core] Packet generator" log subsystem:

  • Informational, "program generated" (logged when program is successfully generated)
  • Critical, "program generate failed" (logged when packet generator throws an exception)
  • Critical, "program long generation time" (logged when packet generator runs for more than the configured time in setting "Packet generator report max execution time in seconds" - 25 by default)

New logs were added in "[Core] Packet generator cache" log subsystem:

  • Informational, "cache file added" (logged when intermediate chunks are added)
  • Notice, "cache file removed" (logged when intermediate chunks expire)

ISL AlwaysOn - Module - Add incoming connection notifications (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3093] More


Support for incoming connection emails was added to ISL AlwaysOn module. When ISL AlwaysOn client (remote desktop) supports incoming connection emails and has email set and required in settings, email about incoming connection is sent to specified emails whenever user tries to connect to this remote computer (after access password is checked and before remote user consent when required).
Connection request email contains basic info about who is trying to connect and to which computer. User that received email can then check the request with provided link. Request can be allowed or denied by the user. If connection is allowed, connect procedure continues same as before, otherwise connection is closed when denied or not allowed in time/expired.
Expiration time of authorize access emails is controlled on remote computer with setting in AON client (default 180 seconds). When connection request email is sent to multiple addresses, only the first one that allows/denies it is allowed to do so. When allowed or denied, connection request can no longer be checked. New setting "Mail template for authorize incoming connection" was added to ISL AlwaysOn settings in Server Administration, which can be used to set custom email template.

ISL Conference Proxy - Core - Expose Service Address through WebAPI (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3133] More


Registered new webapi method "utils/service/address/get/1" to expose ICP Public Service Address and URL.

ISL Conference Proxy - Core - Organization login dialog (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3137] More


Support for organization login dialog was added to ISL Conference Proxy to enable SAML login per domain.
New domain settings were added to Server Administration (/conf -> Domain settings -> Security -> Organization) which can be used to designate a specific domain as organization:

  • Organization login enabled: if set to Yes, name and description must be set both to unique values for all domains, SAML login must be enabled as well for the domain
  • Organization name: used for case insensitive input in input field layout, also used internally for remembered organization
  • Organization description: shown to users in remembered organization login, combo box layout and vertical chooser layout
  • Organization order index: optional setting to reorder organizations in combo box layout or vertical chooser layout, ascending order, empty is first

New global settings in /conf -> Security:

  • Login layout: Username & Password (default);Username & Password, Organization;Organization
  • Organization login layout: Name input field (default); Description combo box; Description vertical chooser

Layout settings will determine what kind of user interface is shown to users when logging in with a browser or an app. If "Login layout" is set to Username & Password (default), Organization login is disabled and user can only login with username and password. If "Login layout" is set to Username & Password, Organization user can login with username and password or user can select to login with organization. When "Login layout" is set to Organization user can login only by using organization. If user selects organization login, "Organization login layout" setting is checked. If set to Name input field (default) user must manually enter name of organization to which he would like to login. If insteadDescription combo box or Description vertical chooser are selected, user can select organization in combo box or vertical chooser. Organization Combo box has a limit of 1000 organizations, vertical chooser 20 organizations.

When the user selects an organization, it will be used in all the subsequent logins unless the user cancels. When subdomain with a default domain is configured and the domain is an organization, organization login will be automatically used when starting login using subdomain DNS name (in web browser or applications like ISL Pronto which allow custom server DNS name).

Additionally, users that are using per-domain SAML or organization login will be able to change their email without password check (check cannot succeed). If the user has email changes blocked in SAML login rules, the email cannot be changed as before.

ISL Conference Proxy - Core - Speed up init restarts (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3142] More


Restarts of ISL Conference Proxy at init time are not throttled anymore.

ISL Conference Proxy - Core - Upgrade OpenSSL to 3.0 LTS (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3154] More


OpenSSL library was upgraded to 3.0.12.

ISL Conference Proxy - Core - Remap SSO SAML usernames (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3158] More


Per-user setting "SSO domain username remap" was added to Server Administration. SSO login (SAML) will try to match "username" key with this setting within the same "domain" and if it matches, "username" will be set to the matching account (duplicate match will abort the login)

New rule was added to setting SAML login settings rules in Server Administration, which is useful for remapping username to a sanitized value, for example, replace all special characters with - and @ with _AT_:
["rename-key", "KEY", "REGEX_FROM", "REGEX_TO", "REGEX2_FROM", "REGEX2_TO", ...]
Following example shows how to map user to user \\testDomain\tim-thomas:
In Server Administration in domain settings of testDomain add following to "SAML login settings rules":
["rename-key", "username", "(?g)[^a-zA-Z0-9@\\-]", "-"]
,["rename-key", "username", "(?g)@", "_AT_"] 

In Server Administration in user settings of \\testDomain\tim-thomas set "SSO domain username remap" to: tim-thomas_AT_example-com 

ISL Conference Proxy - Core - Add new webapi2 returning session token (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3160] More


New webapi2 "session/url/pass/1" was added, which returns session parameters needed for automatically logging in a user when a product page is opened with url.

ISL Conference Proxy - Core - Improve authenticode logging in packet generator (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3161] More


Log message "program generated", logged in "core_packet_generator" subsystem with "Info" severity will now contain additional data:

  • PKTGEN_PROGNAME, PKTGEN_PROGVERSION, PKTGEN_PROGPLATFORM (info about the program being generated)
  • PKTGEN_PEXFILE, PKTGEN_PEXNAME, PKTGEN_PEXVERSION, PKTGEN_PEXPLATFORM (target program info when generating netstart)
  • PKTGEN_RESPCACHE_N (response was served from response cache without running any packet generator steps)
  • PKTGEN_NODESCACHE_N (how many packet generator nodes were used from cache)
  • PKTGEN_NODESRUN_N (how many packet generator nodes had to be regenerated/run)
  • PKTGEN_BULKFILERUN_N (how many bulk file nodes had to be downloaded/run)
  • PKTGEN_SIGNCODE_N (authenticode is used)
  • PKTGEN_SIGNCODERUN_N (authenticode tool was run)
  • UABL_MSG_TXT (one of "", "using extra file instead of unauthenticated blob", "unauthenticated blob can be used", "unauthenticated blob is too small for data chunk")
  • UABL_DATASIZE_L (size of data in UA blob or 0)
  • UABL_ORIGSIZE_L (original uncompressed size of data for UA blob or 0)

ISL AlwaysOn - Module - Use hide gui option in custom deployment link generator (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3162] More


Generated deployment link now includes flag to hide ISL Network Start GUI when using Silent Install option. ISL Network Start GUI should not show during download of actual program.

ISL Conference Proxy - Core - Lowercase multicolumn text index support (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3163] More


Lowercase multicolumn text index support was added to ISL Conference Proxy.

ISL Conference Proxy - Core - Setting "Collapse multiple repeated log lines" (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3170] More


Setting "Collapse multiple repeated log lines" was added to Server Administration -> "Logs", which instructs log writer to collapse multiple N repeated log lines as "- N -", the default is "Yes" (the same behaviour as before). Dev flag "no_collapse_log" (Force no collapse log lines) was also added which overrides Server Administration setting.

ISL Conference Proxy - Core - Sign extra file with CRC32 (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3173] More


Program .extra file is now signed with CRC32 and validated when extracted/parsed.

ISL Conference Proxy - Core - Update to LibXML 2.11.6 and LibXSLT 1.1.39 (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3174] More


LibXML was updated to version 2.11.6.
LibXSLT was updated to 1.1.39.

ISL Conference Proxy - Core - Remove download bubble on v2100 pages also (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3176] More


Download bubble was removed from join page on v2100 web template. Same change was already introduced to default web template (v2200) in ISL Conference Proxy 4.4.2240.132 in ISLCONFPROXY-3083.

ISL AlwaysOn - Module - Add user permission for Custom Deployment Link (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3178] More


New permission was added to ISL AlwaysOn settings: "Allow access to Custom Deployment Link page". When this setting is enabled, the user is able to access and use the Custom Deployment Link page. Setting is enabled by default.

[INTERNAL] ISL Conference Proxy - Core - Add setlang to translate XPP (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3180] More


XPP support was added to <translate> tag in web pages in code and native C++ modules. Two commands were added: "setlang" (set translation language to first param) and "arg" (get URL query parameter with name from first param).

ISL Conference Proxy - Core - Return system login dialog forgot password hint even when forgot password is disabled (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3182] More


System login dialog will return hint "system-login-dialog-forgot-password-text-id": -1 if forgotten password feature is disabled and thus "Forgot your password?" link is not visible in the dialog.

ISL Conference Proxy - Core - Upgrade to Go 1.20.12 (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3184] More


Go was upgraded to version 1.20.12.

ISL Conference Proxy - Core - AKV activity logs (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-3185] More


In previous versions activity log was only possible by setting "Record activity log" setting in /conf -> Logs. Additionally, support for logs in AKV format was now added, which can be enabled by setting "[Core] Activity log (core_activity_log)" logging subsystem to Info. Settings behavior:

  • Record activity log -- Controls CSV activity log only
  • Control activity logging scopes for both CSV and AKV logs
    • Enable system activity log
    • Enable admin activity log
    • Enable user activity log

ISL Conference Proxy - SSL - Increase z-index of ssl module tooltips (DEFECT) [ISLCONFPROXY-3145] More


In previous version tooltips in SSL module install certificate modal were shown behind the modal and were not shown correctly. This was now redesigned, tooltip's z-index was increased and issue should not happen anymore.

The defect was fixed.

ISL Conference Proxy - Administration - Add missing permission translation for Administration page (DEFECT) [ISLCONFPROXY-3156] More


In previous versions error message for missing Domain Admin permission ("To access Administration, you must have "Domain Admin" permission enabled. Please contact your administrator for assistance.") was not translated. This was now redesigned and string should be correctly recorded and translated.

The defect was fixed.

ISL Conference Proxy - Core - Port ICP's cpp http proxy setting parser to go (DEFECT) [ISLCONFPROXY-3181] More


In previous versions parsing value of setting "HTTP proxy for web client" would fail if value was not a valid URL. This was redesigned by porting ICP's custom parser and issue should not happen anymore.

The defect was fixed.

ISL AlwaysOn - Module - User list does not load additional users in share dialog (DEFECT) [ISLCONFPROXY-3187] More


In previous version share computer/group modal sometimes did not show all users, because there was an error in computing bottom of scroll view, resulting additional items were not loaded. This was now redesigned, bottom should be correctly computed and additional users should be loaded in dialog when needed.

The defect was fixed.

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