ISL AlwaysOn 4.4.1823.32 for Windows and macOS (2019-01-24)


General Information

On 24th of January the following was released:

  • ISL AlwaysOn 4.4.1823.32 for Windows (release_date=2019-01-22, build=2291a0354e0aa37142cd2a298f945f8483a4d275, platform=win32, os_version=0x06010000-0x7fffffff)
  • ISL AlwaysOn 4.4.1823.32 for macOS (release_date=2019-01-22, build=2291a0354e0aa37142cd2a298f945f8483a4d275, platform=mac, os_version=0x0a0800-0x0affff)

All updates have release date set to 2019-01-22. Your ESS will need to be same or higher to be able to update your server. This release is available to all countries except Japan.

Upgrading to new version

Hosted service users please check Upgrading Hosted Service.

Server license users please check Upgrading Server License.


ISL AlwaysOn - Desktop - Upgrade to mbedTLS 2.7.9 (SECURITY) [ISLALWAYSON-1415] More


Internal library mbedTLS library was updated to version 2.7.9 due to security vulnerabilities.

ISL AlwasyOn - Desktop - Send gateway mac in register computer data (FEATURE) [ISLALWAYSON-1322] More


ISL AlwaysOn will now also include gateway MAC address when registering the computer as online on ISL Conference Proxy. This improves selection of computers that are able to send magic packet ( WOL ) to the target computer.

ISL AlwaysOn - Desktop - Black screen on when desktop duplication fails (DEFECT) [ISLALWAYSON-1422] More


Users may have experienced black screen ( no image ) while viewing remote desktop. In some cases this happened when the monitor was turned off. Desktop duplication screen grabbing driver did not detect this, thus black screen was seen. Screen grabbing functionality was redesigned, in case desktop duplication detects empty changes it will automatically switch to hooks/polling desktop driver.

The defect was fixed.

ISL AlwaysOn - Desktop - Disable Invite operator in AON sessions (DEFECT) [ISLALWAYSON-1424] More


When users clicked on invite operator functionality ( Email invitation or Copy URL ) when connected to an ISL AlwaysOn computer, they did not receive any error that this functionality is not supported in ISL AlwaysOn. Handling of invite operator functionality on ISL AlwaysOn connections was redesigned. Users are now presented with an error.

The defect was fixed.

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