ISL AlwaysOn 2.2.10 for Windows and Mac (2017-08-17)


General Information

On 17th of August the following was released:

  • ISL AlwaysOn 2.2.10 for Windows (release_date=2017-08-14, revision=49233, platform=win32,os_version=0x5010000-0x7fffffff)
  • ISL AlwaysOn 2.2.10 for Macintosh (release_date=2017-08-14, revision=49233, platform=mac,os_version=0x0a0600-0x0affff)

All updates have release date set to 2017-08-14. Your ESS will need to be same or higher to be able to update your server. This release is available to all countries except Japan.

Upgrading to new version

Hosted service users please check Upgrading Hosted Service.

Server license users please check Upgrading Server License.


ISL AlwaysOn - Desktop - Store login password in secure storage (SECURITY) [ISLALWAYSON-1223] More


Username and password for logging into ISL AlwaysOn were stored in  plaintext in registry (Windows) and in plaintext in files (macOS). Login  credentials are now no longer stored in insecure way. On Windows  password is now stored in Windows credentials storage and on macOS the  password is obfuscated before written into file.

ISL AlwaysOn - Desktop - Add additional logging when performing user grant access procedure (FEATURE) [ISLALWAYSON-1138] More


Additional logs were added to user grant access procedure. This should help debugging any issues that may arise during grant procedure.

ISL AlwaysOn - Desktop - Screen sharing (issc_stream) crashes on Win 2008 when entering character in command prompt on remote computer (DEFECT) [ISLALWAYSON-1121] More


On some computers issc_stream process crashed when user tried to input some characters into command prompt. The issues was in incorrect handling of object ( the object got freed twice ). Procedure for handling objects was redesigned, the object is now freed only once and the issc_stream should no longer crash.

The defect was fixed.

ISL AlwaysOn - Desktop - Reconnect every hour when ISL Conference Proxy does not know the connection (unknown connection) (DEFECT) [ISLALWAYSON-1237] More


If ISL AlwaysOn computer tried to connect to ISL Conference Proxy and  that connection was unknown it should retry connecting every hour. Due  to timing issue in some cases the reconnect function failed thus ISL  AlwaysOn did no longer connect to ISL Conference Proxy server and the  ISL AlwaysOn computers status was offline. Reconnect procedure was  redesigned, ISL AlwaysOn will now reconnect to ISL Conference Proxy  every hour when the connection is unknown for ISL Conference Proxy.

The defect was fixed.

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