ISL Light 4.4.1907.19 for Android (2019-06-27)


General Information

On 27th of June the following was released:

  • ISL Light 4.4.1907.19 for Android (release_date=2019-06-26, build=97c6bb39066187dd7bfe6071e29c048c48a356ea, platform=Android, os_version=5.0.0-FFF).

Upgrading to new version

Hosted service users please check Upgrading Hosted Service for iOS or Android .

Server license users please check Upgrading Server License for iOS or Android .

ISL Light 4.4.1907.19 for Android is available in Google Play Store and it has also a corresponding program file (isl_light_4_4_1907_19_android_201906261300_60f5bc7f.program) which adds information about customizations to ISL Conference Proxy. Server License users need to use Online update to get the file.


New features

ISL Light - Mobile Android - Implement SELinux compliant binder IPC communication between ISL Light and Addon apk (FEATURE) [ISLLIGHT-5294]  More


Added support for addons which allow desktop streaming and control. Addons are seperate applications that are installed on the remote device which then enables this functionality.

ISL Light - Mobile Android - Remove "Capture in PNG" setting as it is not used anymore by new root/addon issc drivers (FEATURE) [ISLLIGHT-5317]  More


Removed the "Capture in PNG" option from the settings area as this is no longer used.

ISL Light - Mobile Android - deprecate screenshot issc driver (SPECIAL) [ISLLIGHT-5296]  More


Removed the screenshot ISSC driver as it is no longer needed since minimum system target is Android 5.0, which has media projection driver capabilities.

ISL Light - Mobile Android - fix garbled screen on orientation change events in root driver (DEFECT) [ISLLIGHT-5311]  More


Users would sometimes experience garbled screen on orientation change events when root screensharing driver was used. The screen orientation event handler was redesigned, users will no longer experience a garbled screen when the screen is rotated. The defect was fixed.

ISL Light - Mobile Android - fix media projection texts workflow (DEFECT) [ISLLIGHT-5338]  More


Users would incorrectly receive a notification notifying them that the media projection screen transfer was started, even though they have declined the screen sharing. The notification for media projection was redesigned and will no longer be displayed when the media projection was declined. The defect was fixed.

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