ISL Light 4.1.4 for Android (2017-05-31)


General Information

On 31st of May the following was released:

  • ISL Light 4.1.4 for Android (release_date=2017-05-31, build=1e0cddeeab948ad1f5976ae586281459f12b94ea, platform=Android, os_version=4.0.3-FFF).

Upgrading to new version

Hosted service users please check Upgrading Hosted Service for iOS or Android .

Server license users please check Upgrading Server License for iOS or Android .

ISL Light 4.1.4 for Android is available in Google Play Store and it has also a corresponding program file (isl_light_4_1_4_android_201705312050_12735c5d.program) which adds information about customizations to ISL Conference Proxy. Server License users need to use Online update to get the file. 


New features

ISL Light - Mobile Android - Change Samsung KNOX activation workflow (FEATURE) [ISLLIGHT-4638] More

Workflow for Samsung Android devices was redesigned. Samsung KNOX needs to be enabled to allow a remote control of Samsung mobile devices. ISL Light for Android is using administrative permission to enable Samsung KNOX and is now used during the remote support session only. Canceling any of the prompted dialogs (Request permission dialog, Enabling device administrator for ISL Light, KNOX privacy policy) when starting remote support session will fallback to using Android's MediaProjection API, which will share the devices screen. Users are now prompted to keep or to revoke device administrator permissions for ISL Light, after the session ends. Revoking administrator permissions for ISL Light will allow users to unistall ISL Light application without disabling those permissions manually in the Android device settings (Settings->More->Security->Device Administrators). Keeping administrator permissions for ISL Light will require revoking those permissions in the Android device settings (old behavior).
See updated Privacy Policy:

ISL Light - Mobile Android - Allow users to revoke administrator permission for ISL Light and Samsung KNOX after session ends (FEATURE) [ISLLIGHT-4639] More

Ending a remote support session now offers a dialog to keep or revoke device administrator permissions for ISL Light for Android. You may now revoke administrative permission or keep it enabled in order to easily join other remote support sessions in the future. You can revoke administrative permission anytime in Android device settings (Settings->More->Security->Device Administrators).
Revoking administrative permissions are needed to uninstall the application.

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