ISL Light 1.1.2 for Android (2014-05-07)


General Information

On 7th of May the following was released:

  • ISL Light  1.1.2 for Android (release_date=2014-05-07, revision=34330, platform=Android, os_version=2.2-FFF)

Important: ISL Light for Android version 1.1.2  is not going to be updated anymore. To use the new version download ISL Light for Android from Google play or via update dialog inside ISL Light application. Direct link for downloading ISL Light 2.0.0 for Android:

Upgrading to new version

Hosted service users please check Upgrading Hosted Service for iOS or Android .

Server license users please check Upgrading Server License for iOS or Android .


New features

ISL Light - Mobile Android - update previous version to include notification for new version [ISLLIGHT-1153] More


Introduced new update dialog which appears when the application is launched. Users can either click on Download, which will navigate them to ISL Light 2.0.0 in the Google Play or no thanks which will hide the update dialog. Users who decide not to update the application will be still able to use all available functionality of ISL Light version 1.1.1.

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