ISL Light 2.0.0 for Android (2014-04-14)


General Information

On 14th of April we have released:

  • ISL Light  2.0.0 (release_date=2014-04-11, revision=34054, platform=Android, os_version=2.2-FFF) for Android.

Important: ISL Light for Android version 2.0.0  has new code sign certificate along with the changed application identifier. Due to changed code sign certificate normal update will not work. To update to new version you will have to manually download from direct link. Direct link for downloading ISL Light 2.0.0 for Android:

Devices with known issues: Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300). Due to the latest GT-I9300 firmware problem and down-scaling of the screen image, users of these devices will experience screen flickering when they are viewed remotely.

Upgrading to new version

Hosted service users please check Upgrading Hosted Service for iOS or Android

Server license users please check Upgrading Server License for iOS or Android


  • Complete graphical user interface redesign
  • Support for File transfer
  • Support for remote viewing and controlling Samsung devices with Android 4.2 and up

New features

ISLLight - Mobile Android - new design PLAN [ISLLIGHT-421] More


ISL Light applications graphical user interface was redesigned.

ISL Light - Mobile Android - Implement file browsing via HTTP API  [ISLLIGHT-422] More


Added support for file transfer on ISL AlwaysOn computer. Users are able to view list of shared folder and download files. This functionality can be accessed by pressing Files tab inside ISL Light application.

ISLLight - Mobile Android - Kill light session after timeout when no client is connected [ISLLIGHT-435] More


Added setting for stopping ISL Light session after defined timeout. This timeout is used when connecting to ISL AlwaysOn computer or creating ISL Light session code. In case there are network issues, the timeout will force the application to stop executing the current task, therefore the application will not get stuck.

ISLLight - Mobile Android - implement ISL KeyChain [ISLLIGHT-436] More


All passwords are now stored using ISL Keychain which stores key-value pairs securely on the local file system.

ISLLIght - Mobile Android - implement "remember password" for AON computer [ISLLIGHT-452] More


Added support for remembering ISL AlwaysOn computer access password. When enabled the password will be stored to ISL Keychain and then used during connection to ISL AlwaysOn computer.

ISLLight - Mobile Android - crash reporting [ISLLIGHT-459] More


Added support for crash reporting inside ISL Light application.

ISLLight - Mobile Android - new GoogleAnalytics plus events [ISLLIGHT-461] More


Updated Google Analytics library which is used for reporting the usage of ISL Light application. Setting for opting out of Google Analytics was also added.

ISL Light - Android - Add support for mobile remote control using Samsung API  [ISLLIGHT-888] More


Added support for viewing and remote controlling Samsung devices with Android 4.2 and up. To enable this functionality users will firstly need to permit ISL Light application to have system administrative permissions. This can be achieved by clicking on Join session and then clicking on Enable screen sharing.

ISL Light - Mobile Android - Replace XYSSL with PolarSSL  [ISLLIGHT-1015] More


ISL Light application was using XYSSL cryptographic library which was replaced with PolarSSL cryptographic library.

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