ISL Light 1.1.0 for Android (2012-10-05)


General Information

On 5th of October we have released:

  • ISL Light  1.1.0 (build_date=2012-10-04, revision=25588, platform=Android, os_version=2.2-FFF) for Android.


Upgrading to new version

Hosted service users please check Upgrading Hosted Service for iOS or Android

Server license users please check Upgrading Server License for iOS or Android



New features

ISL Light Android - Mobile - Asynchronous log in - Log in procedure has now been changed.  [ISLLIGHT-286]

Description Log in to user account sometimes took a very long time to complete. Querying server for parameters and checking log in credentials are now done in background task.

ISL Light Android - Mobile - Forgot password - Forgot password for hosted users in now implemented in the application.  [ISLLIGHT-289]

Description Hosted service users now have the ability to reset their password inside of the application. Reset password functionality is done through web API.

ISL Light Android - Mobile - Repeating characters on keyboard - Application duplicates key presses when a key is pressed and hold. [ISLLIGHT-293]

Description When a single key is pressed and hold the key is repeated on the remote side. However not all input methods ( custom keyboards ) support this.

ISL Light Android - Mobile - Non-sticky Win/Alt/Ctrl/Cmd keys - Keys are not longer sticky [ISLLIGHT-295]

Description When clicked on Windows, Alt, Ctrl or Cmd the keys are no longer sticky. The keys affect just for a single key press.

ISL Light Android - Mobile - Locked mouse mode - Application has the option of locked mouse and free mouse mode. [ISLLIGHT-297]

Description With locked mouse mode enabled, users can drag the background while the mouse is locked in position. This brings better precision to the users.

ISL Light Android - Mobile - About ISL Light dialog - Redesigned About ISL Light dialog. [ISLLIGHT-303]

Description Application has a redesigned about ISL Light dialog. The dialog now includes build date, revision and version number. Link to ISL Online website are also included in the new dialog.

ISL Light Android - Mobile - Google Analytics  [ISLLIGHT-324]

Description Google Analytics were added to the ISL Light application.


Defect fixes

ISL Light Android - Mobile - Missing separator fix [ISLLIGHT-287]

Description Start new session screen was missing a separator which caused corrupted layout.
The layout was redesigned and does no longer cause corrupted layout.

The issue was fixed.

ISL Light Android - Mobile - Application would send NUL character to remote computer when pressing device keys (menu,search,... ) [ISLLIGHT-291]

Description When connected to a remote computer and viewing remote desktop the application was sending NUL characters when pressing device hardware keys such as menu, search, etc.
The hardware buttons no longer send any characters to the streaming side.

The issue was fixed.

ISL Light Android - Mobile - Could not add computer via email [ISLLIGHT-292]

Description Users were not able to add computer via email ( button add computer ) in the ISL Light for Android application. The parameters that were send to the conference proxy to enable this functionality were not set correctly.
The parameters for obtaining functionality of adding computers were corrected so users can now add computer via email.

The issue was fixed.

ISL Light Android - Mobile - Entered remote computer password visible when in landscape mode [ISLLIGHT-288]

Description Computer access password was visible when entering it and the device was in landscape mode ( only ice cream sandwich Android version - ICS 4.x ).
Text field for passwords was redesigned so the input password is no longer visible.

The issue was fixed.

ISL Light Android - Mobile -  wrong jpeg decoding [ISLLIGHT-332]

Description When users were using best quality colors mode while viewing remote desktop, they received graphical updates from the client which were wrongly decoded, that caused inverted colors on the viewers side.
The decoding was fixed so colors are now correctly displayed on the viewers side.

The issue was fixed.

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