ISL Light 4.4.2006.36 for iOS (2020-11-05)


General Information

On 5th of November the following was released:

  • ISL Light 4.4.2006.36 for iOS (build date=2020-11-02, build=f5c67043ec08a47786c3b8a331e491fc64d5129f, Platform=iOS).

Upgrading to new version

Hosted service users please check Upgrading Hosted Service for iOS or Android

Server license users please check Upgrading Server License for iOS or Android

ISL  Light 4.4.2006.36 for iOS is available in App Store and it has also a  corresponding program file  (isl_light_4_4_2006_36_ios_202011021326_0a8dc3d3.program) which adds  information about customizations to ISL Conference Proxy. Server License  users need to use Online update to get the file.


ISL Light - Mobile iOS - Implement AppConfig restrictions capability into ISL Light for iOS (FEATURE) [ISLLIGHT-5455] More


ISL Light for iOS now supports AppConfig configuration ( MDM tools with AppConfig support allow you to configure settings and options, that mobile applications specifically exposed. The following restriction keys have been implemented with ISL Light For iOS: restrictionServer restrictionPort
"restrictionServer" allows you set ISL Server setting (Menu -> Settings -> ISL Server) and
"restrictionPort" allows you to set TCP ports used for establishing connection (Menu -> Settings -> TCP Port).

ISL Light - Mobile iOS - Add support for get code parameter (FEATURE) [ISLLIGHT-5557] More


Added support for additional command line argument. Users can now use --get-code parameter to obtain session code when ISL Light application is started.

ISL Light - Mobile iOS - Implement remote access dialog with connect options (FEATURE) [ISLLIGHT-5558] More


ISL Light application now uses redesigned remote access dialog which gives users possibility to select connect options. Users can also change selected connect options from computer information interface. In case select remote session option is chosen users will be presented with an additional dialog that gives them ability to select the desired session.
The application also supports setting the connect options using command line arguments.

ISL Light - Mobile iOS - Add possibility to enable/disable black screen when connected to session (FEATURE) [ISLLIGHT-5564] More


Added support for enabling and disabling black screen functionality while in session. The functionality can be controller from Tools -> Enable/Disable black screen.

ISL Light - Mobile iOS - Prevent chat from being dismissed by swiping down in viewer (DEFECT) [ISLLIGHT-5568] More


ISL Light application crashed if users while connected to a remote computer opened the chat, then dismissed the chat using the swipe down motion and ended session. At this point the application crashed. Chat interface was redesigned, users cannot use the swipe down motion to close chat ( chat can be closed by pressing "Done" ), which prevents the application from crashing.

The defect was fixed.

ISL Light - Mobile iOS - Prevent notification from disappearing after list of computers is loaded (DEFECT) [ISLLIGHT-5570] More


Notification bar in application disappeared in case the search functionality was used or after reloading the list of computers. Notification bar handling was redesigned, the bar should no longer disappear after using search or reloading list of computers.

The defect was fixed.

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