ISL Light 1.1.0 for iOS (2011-09-21)


General Information

On 21st of September 2011 we have released:

  • ISL Light  1.1.0 (Build date=2011-09-15, Revision=21312, Platform=iOS) for iOS.

Upgrading to new version

Hosted service users please check Upgrading Hosted Service for iOS.

Server license users please check Upgrading Server License for iOS.


Major improvements

  • Localizations
  • Optimized performance
  • Computer search enabled

New features

ISL Light - Client iOS - Localization and translation support added and translated to 9 languages [ISLLIGHT-183] More


Support for localization and translations have been added to ISL Light application. The application is  currently translated to 9 languages. New translations will be available with new releases.

ISL Light - Client iOS - Improved performance when connecting to 27" and 30" displays [ISLLIGHT-160] More


ISL Light iOS now supports higher resolution displays. In previous version user could expirience user interface unresponsiveness. The problem was fixed with in a way that ISL Light will update screen as fast as possible, but still keep application some time to respond. On older devices (iPhone 3GS) you could experience a bit delay from the time application receives the update and the time it is visible on screen.

ISL Light - Client iOS - Implemented search feature for ISL AlwaysOn remote access computers [ISLLIGHT-159] More


New ISL Light iOS now support also searching through all computers which you have in your user account.

Search works in a way that application first searches already visible computers (while you type) and to search through all computers online you need to press "Search" button.

ISL Light - Client iOS - Refresh My computers screen button added [ISLLIGHT-175] More


A button was added to My Computers screen, so user can refresh current list of computer in case he expects a change.

ISL Light - Client iOS - When right click is enabled do it only once and swtch back to left click [ISLLIGHT-169] More


When user selected right click, we do right click only on first click and then turn off right click.

ISL Light - Client iOS - View log files and send by email option added [ISLLIGHT-192] More


Feature to check log file was added into info screen of ISL Light application. You can copy log file to clipboard or send it directly using email client on the phone. There are two log files log.txt and log.0.txt. log.txt is current log file and log.0.txt is one before last log file.

ISL Light - Client iOS - Removed plugin version from about box [ISLLIGHT-205] More


VNC Plugin version was displayed in about screen. Plugin version is not shown in about screen anymore as plugin is integrated in application and cannot change.


Defect Fixes

ISL Light - Client iOS - Support for Japanese characters input into remote desktop added [ISLLIGHT-204] More



- start ISL Light

- start new session and desktop sharing

- input unicode characters using keyboard action

- the user did not receive  correct unicode characters

The correct behavior is that the user gets correct unicode characters as they were sent.

The defect was fixed.

ISL Light - Client iOS - One time password on login support (Server License users with RADIUS) [ISLLIGHT-209] More


Server Licese users with RADIUS were unable to use ISL Light app because old password was used in authentication method and the authentication failed.

This was fixed by implementing new enter password dialog when creating new session.


- start ISL Light

- retrieve new ISL Online session code and login in My Account screen

- when trying to start new session the old password is used and ISL Online authentication fails when starting new session

The correct behavior is that the user gets a new notification which asks user for new ISL Online authentication password.

The defect was fixed.

ISL Light - Client iOS - always_on login fails when missing \\ characters in domain login [ISLLIGHT-214] More



- start ISL Light

- enter My Account screen

- enter username without leading "\\" characters during domain login (example: domain\name )

- the user did not get wrong username alert

The correct behavior is that the user gets a notification that username is wrong.

The defect was fixed.

Features not included in iOS version compared to ISL Light 3.3.0 for Windows ®:

  • White board marking tools
  • Black screen
  • Inactive session
  • Audio
  • Video
  • File transfer
  • One time computer access passwords

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