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Important: This topic is for advanced users with very specific needs that should be handled in coordination with the ISL Online support team to avoid issues - if you only want to replace company logo, adjust colors and the general look of pages, please proceed to the following topic: Templating

If you would like to change more than just a couple of web pages and if you want full control over ICP's displayed web pages, you can use export web pages approach. This is simply done by creating develop_web_content folder inside ICP's installation folder and restart ICP. The result will be that every page displayed or loaded will be exported to this folder and ICP will also load the content of these files when pages are visited in case the export folder exists.

This approach allows the creation of new web content hosted by ICP. All rules, file naming and supported versions are the same as explained in Classical overrides section.

Warning: When ICP or modules get upgraded, all unchanged files in develop_web_folder will update with newer files. The ones that have been changed will remain intact and you are required to do manual upgrade/merge with new files if required.

Warning: If you are using ICP grid this approach will not work, because the files in develop_web_folder do not get synchronized between ICPs.


Please follow example in Classical overrides section, but instead of uploading file in private storage of your ICP, replace the file in develop_web_folder with new version and join page should get updated.

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