ISL Light 3.2.0 for Windows (2008-11-24)


General Information

On 19th December 2008 we have released:

  • Desktop Control 1.2.0b (2008-12-19) win32

On 17th December 2008 we have released:

  • ISL Light Desk 3.2.0a (2008-12-16) win32
  • ISL Light Client 3.2.0a (2008-12-16) win32
  • Desktop Control 1.2.0a (2008-12-16) win32
  • File Transfer 1.2.0a (2008-12-16) win32

On 24th November 2008 we have released:

  • ISL Light Desk 3.2.0 (2008-11-21) win32
  • ISL Light Client 3.2.0 (2008-11-21) win32
  • Desktop Control 1.2.0 (2008-11-21) win32
  • File Transfer 1.2.0  (2008-11-21) win32
  • Video 1.2.0 (2008-11-21) win32
  • Audio 1.2.0 (2008-11-21) win32
  • Recording 1.2.0 (2008-11-21) win32

Upgrading to new version

Hosted Service

Please visit and start ISL Light Desk or ISL Light Client from new version tab.

Direct links:

Server License

Upgrades are free of charge for ISL Online Server License users with active Extended Support Service. ISL Online Server License users with expired Extended Support Service are welcome to purchase Extended Support Service in order to gain access to the newly released ISL Online Server system. In case you have extended ESS you will need to create new license file and upload it to your ISL Conference Proxy server.

Quick Instructions for users with ISL Conference Proxy 3.1 installed

  1. open web administration of ISL Conference Proxy http://localhost:7615/conf
  2. login using admin account
  3. click Online update link in left navigation
  4. click Apply changes if you have automatic install


#163385: add checkbox "Close ISL Light session" to close desktop sharing dialog (Windows - All): implemented [New feature] More


When showing Close ISL Light session dialog offer to close whole session also. Also warn user when:

- audio is active,

- video is active,

- file transfer is active.

#146826: add remote computer name to view window (Windows - All): computer name is shown in first position in title [New feature] More


When viewing remote desktop put computer name to view title bar.

#163388: add instance number to title bar (Windows - All): instance number is added incase instance > 1[New feature] More


Instance number should be present in title bar in case instance > 1 in all windows that are opened by ISL Light.

#95169: optimize desktop streaming for 3D CAD applications (Windows - All): implemented OpenGL hooks [New feature] More


3D CAD applications don't refresh desktop streaming regularly. We have implemented additional types of hooks that cause streaming of OpneGL applications accurately.

#36991: multi monitor sharing (Windows - All): specific monitor can be selected for sharing [New feature] More


When you have two monitors or big screen resolution and somebody is watching you the problem is that the zoom is low - you can not see clearly.

You are able to select which monitor to stream on showing side.

#163387: minimize to same tray icon (Windows - All): implemented [New feature] More


All tray icons should be merged to one tray icon. Also add minimize to tray option to desktop sharing view window.

#161303: add support for custom skins (Windows - All): zip file specifies custom text, bitmaps and bitmap compositions [New feature] More


One should be able to specify it own skin for ISL Light. The customization package in zip file defines all skins.

#161300: add support for command line arguments in customizations (Windows - All): added [New feature] More


One should be able to specify command line options in customizations.

#161298: add option to disable "keyboard and mouse control" (Windows - All): added [New feature] More


Command line option --on-connect "desktop?control=disable" causes desktop sharing with disabled "keyboard and mouse control" functionality.

#35910: add link to manage concurrent connections (Windows - All): implemented [New feature] More


Single message box should be displayed when there are too many concurrent connections with link to Conference Proxy page where one can stop existing connections.

#97564: add no dialogs cmd option (Windows - All): implemented and used when starting from ISL AlwaysOn [New feature] More


The options "--aon" causes that custom dialogs are not shown.

#163433: ISL View window top most after screen saver (Windows - All): ISL View is not activated when streaming desktop size is same [New feature] More


After the streaming side goes to different desktop (ie. from default to screen saver desktop) ISL View is activated and resize to maximum size. Size of ISL View should be preserved.

Similarly man ISL Light dialog is restored when new chat message is received. The dialog should stay minimized.

#91481: waiting for gracefull exit (Windows - All): gracefull exit is implemented on server [New feature] More


When user clicks close connection it can take some time before connection and GUI really closes. Waiting for other side to respond shutdown should be implemented on server.

#100727: huge message after minimized to tray and inactive connection (Windows - All): same messages are merged [New feature] More


When ISL Light Client / Desk is minimized to tray and connection is inactive, messages are repeated several times and this causes tray balloon to become huge. Same messages should be ignored and should not be displayed in balloon.

#170296: enable restart and resume from command line parameters (Windows - All): added new command line parameter [New feature] More


Enabling restart and resume in desktop streaming is enabled with connect event admin=restart.

Example of command:

--on-connect "desktop?show&control&admin=restart"

#150498: problem with two L after pressing windows key (Windows - All): hooks for view window are fixed [Defect fix] More


Connect with AON from Vista with "sl" keyboard to XP with "sl" keyboard. Follow procedure:

- open notepad on home,

- press left win key (when focus on ISL View),

- try to type l.

This produces two ll.

Switching focus away from ISL View, pressing left windows key and switching back to ISL View corrects the problem.

#148261: CreateProcess and  MAX_PATH problem (Windows - 2000): additional command line options was added [Defect fix] More


On Windows 2000 (some service packs) CreateProcess is limited to MAX_PATH cmd line. Command line options should be rerouted to file and read from file afterwards.

#35450: top bar shows extremely slowly and is holding focus (Windows - all): problem resolved by not skinning sliding top bar [Defect fix] More


When desk control is requested from the opposite side, the top bar shows very slowly. Until it is not shown in full, it is taking the focus.

If user make a request for allowing desktop control VERY FAST after requesting the view, the "allowing desktop" dialog box is presented without focus and cannot be handled with simple <Enter> key, but only with mouse.

When the top bar appears completely, tho focus properly goes to the desktop control dialog box(after 3-5 seconds).

#145020: tray bubble shown in wrong location (Windows - All): [Defect fix] More


Tray bubble is shown in wrong location when taskbar has auto hide flag set. It shows in top left corner instead of right bottom corner.

#106735: tray icon cannot be restored back (Windows - Vista): multiple tray icons are merged in only one icon [Defect fix] More


On Windows Vista run Desk and file transfer. Minimize both dialogs to tray. From this point on one dialog will always stay in tray and will not be to restored back.

#163475:"downloading plugins" window stays (Windows - All): new version isn't show in start bar at all [Defect fix] More


When Client reconnected back to same session during restart and resume procedure "downloading plugins" dialog might stay in start bar.

#99385: language lists are not equal (Windows - All): list are same in settings and menu [Defect fix] More


Start ISL Light Desk or Client, the right click the Settings button and select Language option. Observe the list of languages. Click the Settings button, select "selected language" option. Compare listed languages with those from right click of the settings button.

Lists should be equal.

#149605: string FILE_TR_DLG is shown in start bar (Windows - All): dialog title is fixed [Defect fix] More


Connect ISL Light Desk and Client and start file transfer synchronization on client side. On desk side wait at select folder dialog - dialogs title in start bar is invalid.

#115972: file transfer not started from command line(Windows - All): problem fixed [Defect fix] More


When starting ISL Light Desk  from url with cmdline parameters for starting file transfer only chat history notification is displayed, but transfer is not started.

Example url: "file_transfer?transfer=c:\tmp\isllight\TestTransfer.GHS"

#112291: ISL Client/Desk lost focus (Windows - All): focus is returned to main window [Defect fix] More


Open and then close Settings dialog while connected. This action will result in "lost" focus.

#169566: remove 3s control delay during desktop switching (Windows - All): delay is removed [Defect fix] More


During desktop switch there is 3s delay in desktop control.

#148128: slow start of desktop sharing (Windows - 2000): user functions are not used [Defect fix] More


On windows 2000 without SP4 API function "LoadUserProfile" might take long time to complete. This causes desktop sharing and connection to "hang". Functions that handle user environment and registry should’t be used.

#171920: plugin incompatible message when staring drag&drop (Windows - All): message is removed [Defect fix] More


When files are dropped into ISL Light dialog very quickly message plugin is incompatible is displayed. This happens because file transfer plugin is not yet fully loaded on both sides.

#173093: fix end of session dialogs when ISL Light is started from ISL AlwaysOn (Windows - All): dialogs are fixed [Defect fix] More


End of session dialog that is set on client and desk is shown only on desk and not on client side.

#167087: problem controlling remote computer when remote computer has caps lock (Windows - All): fixed [Defect fix] More



- login on computer (Windows XP)

- press caps lock

- start ISL AlwaysOn connect on second computer, connect to first computer

- control through second computer


- if caps lock IS NOT pressed you can press Windows+R to run, but :

- when entering into notepad keys are UPPER CASE

- when press CTRL+C on firefox opens CSS

- when caps lock is pressed on UME

- windows+R does not work...

The defect was fixed.

#107271: command line parameter --on-connect "admin" does not work (Windows - All): fixed [Defect fix] More


Windows XP start ISL Light Desk with command line parameter --on-connect "desktop?show&control&admin". Request code.

Windows Vista start ISL Light Client and connect them. Allow client to see & control ISL Light Desk's Desktop.

The view should be in Admin mode, but it is not. Debug log is showing the following error:

     Mon Apr 14 15:50:35 2008 service init_admin not valid (0)

     Mon Apr 14 15:50:35 2008 can start admin mode 1

The defect is fixed.

#144213: cancelling session during remote computer restart (Windows - All): fixed [Defect fix] More


Remote computer should be on the ISL AlwaysOn list.

Start ISL Light Desk & Client; Connect, request view & control. Select Tools / Admin mode and Tools / restart & resume. Restart remote computer. When remote computer is off line, quit ISL Light Desk. Wait until remote computer reboots. Under the Login screen mode an error appears: ISL Light Error: "Streznik ISLLight-* sporoca napako: prosimo vnesite pravilno kodo seje". Ignore the error (don't press ok) Try to connect to the remote computer through ISL AlwaysOn. An error message appears: "Delitev namizja: nadgradnja prikazovanja namizja z administrativnimi pravicami ni uspela: ni dovolj pravic. Confirm that both messages were seein (press "OK" on both) and login to the remote computer. ISLLight Client does not appear any more; but it still runs under the system account, so for all procedures regarding ISL Light you switch user or logoff to see it. In the ISL View mode Toos / Administrative mode / Enable Restart and Resume is also not possible

The defect is fixed.

#180355: wrong bps while transferring text files (Windows - All): fixed [Defect fix] More


While transferring large text file bps in progress dialog is wrong.

#180341: failed restart/resume on some XP Windows (Windows - All): fixed [Defect fix] More


While doing normal restart and resume sequence the XP refuses to reveal user token (WTSQueryUserToken returns error 0x6bb). This in turn causes endless loop in restart/resume sequence.

Fixed with additional alternative function that tries to get the token.

#180340: multiple file transfers cause deadlock (Windows - All): fixed [Defect fix] More


While starting and canceling multiple file transfers cleanup code might cause deadlock of ISL Light.

#179238: redirect/reconnect combination does not work (Windows - All): fixed [Defect fix] More


After a client was redirected to a different server and the server stopped, client didn't reconnect back to the session.

#174612: minimizing ISL Light to tray exits full screen mode (Windows - All): fixed [Defect fix] More


Connect with ISL Light Desk and Client and start desktop sharing. Select Tools / Zoom / Full Screen. The remote desktop will be displayed in full screen mode with ISL Light Desk on top. Minimize desk to tray.

Full screen mode will be restored to the normal view.

#175517: file transfer synchronize text is cut in the middle (Windows - All): fixed [Defect fix] More


Connect with ISL Light Desk and Client, start file transfer - synchronization (right click the file to be transferred and drag it into the Desk GUI, select "synchronize" option).

On the client side File transfer - synchronization text is shown, but is cut somewhere in the middle.

#181164: restart/resume and admin mode does not work (Windows - All): fixed [Defect fix] More


On some German XP restart/resume and admin mode functionality stopped working. Problem reported by the windows is invalid executable provided for service process.

Problem was fixed in create service code.

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