ISL Light 3.3.0 for Linux and Mac (2011-06-24)


General Information

On 24th June 2011 we have released 32-bit Linux (linux), 64-bit Linux (linux64), Mac OS X Intel (mac) and Mac OS X PowerPC (macppc) versions of:

  • ISL Light Desk 3.3.0 (Release date: 2011-06-24 Revision 20437)
  • ISL Light Client 3.3.0 (Release date: 2011-06-24 Revision 20437)
  • Desktop Control Plugin 1.3.0 (Release date: 2011-06-24 Revision 20437)
  • File Transfer Plugin 1.3.0 (Release date: 2011-06-24 Revision 20437)

Upgrading to new version

Hosted Service

Please visit and start ISL Light Desk or ISL Light Client using the icons in the top-right corner.

Direct links:

Server Licence

Upgrades are free of charge for ISL Online Server License users with active Extended Support Service. ISL Online Server License users with expired Extended Support Service are welcome to purchase Extended Support Service in order to gain access to the newly released ISL Online Server system. In case you have extended ESS you will need to create new license file and upload it to your ISL Conference Proxy server.

Quick Instructions for users with ISL Conference Proxy 3.1 or newer installed

  1. open web administration of ISL Conference Proxy http://localhost:7615/conf
  2. login using admin account
  3. click Online update link in left navigation
  4. click Apply changes if you have automatic install


Major improvements

  • first 64-bit linux version of the main program and plugins
  • new startup method on linux (zip files instead of .desktop files)
  • added support for ISSC in the viewer
  • improved web proxy detection and support
  • implemented local whiteboard

List of improvements

Native 64-bit linux version of the main program and plugins More


ISL Light for linux is now also available as a 64-bit application, so if you are running a 64-bit linux distribution, you do not need to have 32-bit libraries installed.

You still use the same download links (e.g. for ISL Light Desk and for ISL Light Client) and they will offer the appropriate file based on our autodetection. If the autodetection fails, you can append &platform=linux64 to the link. In that case please notify us so that we can inspect your situation and improve our autodetection procedure.

New startup method on linux More


Previous versions used a special .desktop file as a way to start ISL Light. Since most distributions began changing the handling of .desktop files (additional dialogs, set as not trusted by default etc.), this method became harder to use and less user-friendly. This is the reason for switching to zip files, so you download a zip file, extract the binary to your desktop and run it.

Added support for ISSC in the viewer More


When viewing a remote computer that supports ISSC, you can switch between various ISSC levels.

Send session code by email More


Obtained session code can be sent in an email by clicking the mail icon in the ISL Light Desk program.

Implemented local whiteboard More


Whiteboard is now drawn locally.

Clipboard problems [ISLLIGHT-108] More


When you tried to do copy & paste from a windows machine to a linux or mac machine, the clipboard content was not transferred.

Now it works correctly.

Cannot cancel the transfer dialog [ISLLIGHT-142] More


It was not possible to cancel the file transfer dialog (send or receive).

Now it works correctly.

Unable to start on CentOS (SELinux enforcing) [ISLLIGHT-3] More


ISL Light failed to start on a linux system with SELinux set to enforcing (e.g. default CentOS install).

Now it works correctly.

VNC DLL Error - not a RFB server [ISLLIGHT-139] More


When showing a linux or mac desktop and viewing it on windows, the viewer would show a message box with the following error "VNC DLL Error - not a RFB server" in certain situations, usually after a few consecutive sharing sessions.

Now it works correctly.

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