ISL Light Desktop plugin for Windows 1.4.7 (2013-11-29)


General Information

On 29th of November we have released Windows version of :

  • ISL Desktop plugin 1.4.7 for Windows (revision=31215, release_date=2013-11-28, platform=win32)

All updates have release date set to 2013-11-28. Your ESS will need to be same or higher to be able to update your server. This release is available to all countries except Japan.

Upgrading to new version

Hosted service users please check Upgrading Hosted Service.

Server license users please check Upgrading Server License.


New features

ISL Light - desktop plugin - add support for monitor command line [ISLLIGHT-609] More


Added support for streaming a specific monitor when starting remote session using command line parameters. In order to select monitor to stream, clients must also include desktop show command line parameter. The bellow example will stream second monitor

--on-connect "desktop?show&monitor=2"

When using monitor parameter clients can select:


N is the number of the monitor you would like to stream.

ISL Light - desktop plugin - use standard jpeg lib  [ISLLIGHT-608] More


We have reverted changes made in internal JPEG library to stock JPEG library for future compliance.

Defect fixes

ISL Light - Desktop Win - GUI feature - remote control disabled - still able to send restart computer command [ISLLIGHT-480] More


Clients were able to send reboot remote machine action when in session even though their GUI features did not allow control of remote machine. Sending actions functionality has been redesigned and in case the client does not have permission to control remote desktop, reboot remote machine actions are removed from tools menu.

The defect was fixed..

ISL Light - Desktop - Add clipboard settings ( security issue ) [ISLLIGHT-557] More


Clients were able to paste the clipboard content that the remote user has saved. In some cases this could be a potential security breach. When remote desktop streaming starts both client or operator can now disable shared clipboard. Streaming side can find the setting by right clicking on the revoke control and find the menu Clipboard sharing. Operators can disable clipboard sharing from Tools menu.

Clipboard sharing permission was also added to GUI features scheme, where server license users can disable clipboard sharing.

The defect was fixed.

ISL Light - Desktop Win8 - Screen grabbing is slow [ISLLIGHT-572] More


Clients may have experienced a slowdown in streaming performance when viewing desktop of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 machines. The whole streaming has been redesigned using native Windows desktop duplication API and extended with our screen grabbing solution. Client should see a big increase in desktop viewing performance.

The defect was fixed.

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