ISL Light 4.0.1 for Windows (2015-06-30)


General Information

On 30th of June the following was released:

  • ISL Light Desk 4.0.1 for Windows (release_date=2015-06-17, revision=41068, platform=win32,os_version=0x5010000-0x7fffffff)
  • ISL Light Client 4.0.1 for Windows (release_date=2015-06-17, revision=41068, platform=win32,os_version=0x5010000-0x7fffffff)

All updates have release date set to 2015-06-17. Your ESS will need to be same or higher to be able to update your server. This release is available to all countries except Japan.

ISL Light 4.0.1 uses Libs5

Upgrading to new version

Hosted service users please check Upgrading Hosted Service.

Server license users please check Upgrading Server License.


ISL Light - Desktop v3 - Add option to minimize to system tray (FEATURE) [ISLLIGHT-2729] More


Option to minimize window to system tray was added to ISL Light application. To minimize to tray either click on icon located on the top left of the program and click on Minimize to tray or use customization which includes iconize parameter.

ISL Light - Desktop v3 - Program agent is incorrect (DEFECT) [ISLLIGHT-2724] More


ISL Light Desk and Client version 4.0.0 did not send correct program agent versions to ISL Conference Proxy. Sending program agent versions was redesigned, correct versions are now send to ISL Conference Proxy.

The defect was fixed.

ISL Light - Desktop v3 - dialog does not change language (DEFECT) [ISLLIGHT-2725] More


In ISL Light Client or Desk version 4.0.0 changing language did not affect the dialog ( the dialog did not translate to the correct language ). Translation engine was redesigned, after changing language the dialogs should automatically translate to the selected language.

The defect was fixed.

ISL Light - Desktop v3 - custom logo is a bit smaller than in 3.5.6 (DEFECT) [ISLLIGHT-2731] More


Custom logo in ISL Light Desk or Client version 4.0.0 was smaller in comparison to previous version of the program. Customization support was redesigned, logos should now be the same size as in previous version.

The defect was fixed.

ISL Light - Desktop v3 - cannot use different username (DEFECT) [ISLLIGHT-2742] More


Users who stored their credentials and then typed in new credentials which were invalid were able to login. The issue was that login procedure took stored credentials instead of the ones typed in. Login was redesigned, the typed in credentials are now used when performing log in.

The defect was fixed.

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