Example App Code


The example app has a basic work flow to show how ISL Online's Web API works with Zendesk.

The app.js file in the example app is well commented and should be easy enough to follow, however this document will show the basics of  Zendesk requesting, so that ISL Online's Web API can work with Zendesk.

Here are the requests used in the example app.js file. These should show the structure required in order to successfully work with ISL Online's API.

Zendesk also has some useful documentation on their website about requests: https://developer.zendesk.com/apps/docs/agent/requests

In order to process the results of a request, use the "events". Here is an example of processing a request's results:

Zendesk documentation explains how to use events: https://developer.zendesk.com/apps/docs/agent/events

In this event, the function is called when 'LoginRequest' is done. LoginRequest is the JSON Function that logs into the ISL Online account. The function defines one parameter 'data'. This automatically stores the result of the JSON Request in an object.

The function accesses the session id (sid) by using the result object.

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