Creating App Files and Testing


Step 1

To begin setting up integration with Zendesk, follow Zendesk's steps to install the developer tools: Installing the Zendesk app tools

Step 2

Once the Zendesk tools are installed, you can either begin from scratch and create the app files: Creating the app files

Or install these files which provide a basic work flow for ISL Online Zendesk integration:

Step 3

Once the files are installed, the app is working. In order to test the app you have currently, or to test throughout your development, you do not need to upload the app each time.

Instead, open up you command-line interface (with Ruby on Windows), and navigate to the location of the app files.

Step 4

Then type the command: zat server.

Keep your command line interface open until you are finished.

Step 5

Now go to your zendesk, navigate to any ticket, the URL will look like this: ""

and add ?zat=true to the end of the url to get:


Your browser may now block your app due to an 'unsafe script'. If you are using Chrome or Firefox, click the shield icon in the address bar and press Load Unsafe Script.

Step 6


Now you should see the app. This is what the default app looks like the one above.


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