Example App


The example app has a basic workflow which can be styled to your requirements by using the app.css file.
Here is a demonstration of the app's functionality.

The user is presented with a Login page on startup. 

This sends a Login request to the ISL Online Web API, and returns a session id.

Once logged into your ISL Online account, a JSON request is sent to start an ISL Light Session which returns a link to download the ISL Light Desk application.

The user is then shown the start session page which provides the following link:

Once this is clicked, the browser will download the ISL Light Desk application.

This will then be opened, and will immediately create a code for a session:

Now the user is presented with the insert code form, when the button is clicked, a JSON request is sent to resolve the session, so that the application can use the database ID. Once the database ID is acquired, a JSON request is sent to get the Session Info.

This will return the code for the session, and a link to connect straight away. This link is used when the user presses the button and is input into the form. The user can then send this to their client.

When the client opens the application the Remote Support session begins.

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