• Disable AcceptEx system call in case of NIC/VPN driver or antivirus software incompatibilities [not recommended] (In certain setups when antivirus program is running on ICP server (not recommended) it can interfere with ICP AcceptEx calls. accept() function fallback is used if this setting is enabled.)
  • Enable TCP keep alive in case of frequent TCP connection timeouts (In certain setups due NATs/firewalls TCP connections made by ISL Online software might be getting dropped due to inactivity. If that is a common occurance turn this setting On so that TCP connections get established in the Keep Alive mode (periodic empt TCP packets get sent, preventing the connection from being dropped, but increasing the bandwidth usage).)
  • Crashdumps (Configure crash dump size. Feature is only available on Windows systems.)
  • Database replication method (Choose database replication method.)
  • Apply and restart ISL Conference Proxy (To apply settings you have changed, you will have to restart ISL Conference Proxy, which can be quickly done using this button.)

Note: With ISL Conference Proxy a new feature was added and set as default procedure. When a column is now added to database it will be set as NULL, and the database rewrite will not be needed,  thus eliminating performance decrease.

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