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If your ISL Conference Proxy is not connected to the internet (or behind a firewall that prohibits outgoing internet access), you are not able to update it using the online update option, so you should use the manual update procedure.

You should follow the instructions that are shown at the Manage software -> Manual update page, the steps below are included as a reference.

Please follow the instructions on this page to complete the manual update.

  1. Download the latest "full" ISL Online software repository file from (note: the file is more than 11 GB!) and extract it into a folder of your choice (e.g. C:\ISL_Online_software_repository on Windows or /opt/ISL_Online_software_repository on linux).
    Note: There is also the "latest only" repository (note: the file is less than 1 GB) which only includes the latest versions instead of all versions. If you only intend to keep the latest programs and plugins on your server (default setting), you can use the "latest only" repository file instead of the "full" repository file for updating your server.
  2. Enter the full path to the software repository:

You have two choices here - either use the standard location (C:\ISL_Online_software_repository on Windows or /opt/ISL_Online_software_repository on linux) or use the custom path where you extracted the zip file in step 1.

You will notice the software update URL notification shows the current location that the software updates from. You can change this by going to Configuration>General if necessary.

  1. Now you are ready to run the update. Click the Online Update link to start.

Important for ISL Conference Proxy 3.3.2 or newer: The Install ZIP option has been removed and this setting is now called Manual update. Please follow the instructions that are shown in ISL Conference Proxy administration.

Important for ISL Conference Proxy 3.3.1 or older: The Install ZIP option in the ISL Conference Proxy administration interface is now obsolete and should not be used! Instead, please download the appropriate ZIP file below (depending on your server's operating system), copy the file into the $CPDIR/install_zip directory (where $CPDIR is ISL Conference Proxy installation directory - C:\Program Files\XLAB ISL Conference Proxy on Windows or /var/confproxy on Linux) and then restart ISL Conference Proxy. It will detect the update file and perform the update to the latest version of ISL Conference Proxy. After that please follow the instructions above to download and use the ISL Online software repository.

ZIP files containing the update to the latest ISL Conference Proxy, please choose the one that matches your current ISL Conference Proxy installation:


For more information follow the example below:

Step 1

In the side menu go to Manage Software -> Manual update. Click the link under step 1. to download the software repository and save it to your computer. Extract the file to a standard location for your operating system ( Displayed in step 2.) or to a custom location in which case you will have to enter the full path to the repository in step 2. under Use custom location.


Step 2

Once you extract the zip file, press Save and the Current software update URL should change to file:///...<local path to folder>

Step 3

Press the Online update link in step 3. and follow the procedure in Online update topic here. The procedure is the same from here on, only difference is that files won't be downloaded from the web, but will be installed from local repository.


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