Passing Parameters


Apart from starting ISL Connection Tester through the usual link, you can also specify certain parameters (such as connection address, transport type etc.) in the download link.

This is a list of available parameters and a short description:

Sets the value of the Connect to field (e.g.
Sets the value of the Additional field.
Sets the TCP port to port_number.
Forces certain transport type (e.g. https-proxy). Transport types:
  • direct
  • wininet-http
  • wininet-https
  • wininet-html
  • httpt-direct
  • https-direct
  • httpt-proxy
  • https-proxy
Enable or disable the use of http port (80).
Enable or disable the use of https port (443).
Sets the value of the MTU field to mtu_value.
Sets the value of the Repeat count field to count.
Sets the value of the Transfer bytes field to bytes.
If set to 1, it runs under local system account.

How to use them? It is done through CGI parameters, so you need to append this for each desired key/value pair: __Connection+Tester__<key>=<value>

Example (the link needs to be a single line, without breaks):

This link sets the connection address to, sets the transfer test amount to 123456 bytes and transport type to https-proxy.

Server licence users: Your links should start with http://serveraddress:7615/start/ConnectionTester (replace serveraddress with the appropriate server IP/DNS name).

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