ISL Connection Tester is the tool to use for troubleshooting connection problems, such as:

  • You receive an error when trying to connect with an ISL Online product (e.g. "cannot find working transport").
  • One of your clients cannot connect to your ISL Online session.
  • A certain computer is behind a proxy, web browsing works, but ISL Online products fail to connect.
  • You experience poor performance with ISL Online products on a certain computer, despite having a good internet link.
  • You simply wish to check the connectivity in a certain environment where you expect connection problems (e.g. strict corporate proxies)
  • etc.

You do not need an ISL Online account to use ISL Connection Tester - this means that anyone can start it on any computer (it works on Windows, Linux and Mac) and check its connectivity to the ISL Online Network (if you plan to connect with a hosted service user) or to certain server(s) running ISL Conference Proxy (if you plan to connect with a server licence user).

Please continue to the following topic to learn how to run ISL Connection Tester: How to start

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