Note: With the API changes in the newer versions of all major browsers, with exception of Internet Explore, the ISL WebStart became deprecated and will not work anymore.  

If you regularly use ISL Online products on Windows, then you are familiar with system security dialogs ("Are you sure you wish to run this file?") that pop up every time you run ISL Light Desk, start ISL AlwaysOn Connect, join an ISL Groop meeting etc.

There is a way around it, but it requires you to install ISL WebStart. In short, it is a browser plugin for all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera) that can be used to directly start ISL Online products, no need to manually download the file and run it, then confirm those security dialogs. ISL WebStart is only available for Windows and you need administrative privileges to install it.

Note: ISL WebStart has limited usability with one-time support cases, since the remote user most likely does not have it installed already. If the remote user wanted to install it, he/she would need administrative privileges and this is not possible in many cases (logged in as limited user or even guest, does not know the admin password). However, if you prepare computers for technical support before shipping them to your customers, installing ISL WebStart is a good idea. Same goes if you are installing ISL AlwaysOn on a computer - you already have administrative privileges.

Please continue to the following topic to learn how to install ISL WebStart: Installation

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