Bulk Files


This section is where you would upload the files you would need to use on your server. You can store any type of file and any size. Click on "Chose Files" to upload a specified file.

The following columns are available for each file.

  • Select (allows you to select the file by checking the tick box)
  • Created by module (shows the name of the module the file is created by)
  • Parent object (shows the server it is located on)
  • File (shows the name of the file)
  • Download (allows you to download the file)
  • Size (shows the size of the file uploaded)
  • On srv. -1 (shows whether the file is shown on the server or not)

NoteThe banner of the setting page shows any ongoing replication processes relating to uploaded bulk files. Two statuses might be shown: Recheck and Receive. Receive means that the files are being copied to the current server (file was eithr uploaded or is being replicated from another server in the GRID setup) . Recheck means files are being checked for replication status.

Tags: isl conference proxy, settings, configuration, advanced

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