GUI Features


In GUI Features you can toggle following options regarding ISL Light (light_v1 and light_v2):

  • ISL LIGHT desktop (light_v1)
    • Enable clipboard for view and stream
    • Allow desktop streaming
    • Allow control on desktop stream
    • Allow desktop viewing
    • Allow control on desktop view
  • ISL LIGHT file_transfer (light_v1)
    • Allow file receiving
    • Allow file sending
  • ISL LIGHT desktop (light_v2)
    • Using clipboard while viewing or streaming desktop is enabled
    • Desktop streaming is enabled
    • Desktop stream control is enabled
    • Remote desktop viewing is enabled
    • Remote desktop control is enabled
  • ISL LIGHT file_transfer (light_v2)
    • Receiving files is enabled
    • Sending files is enabled
  • ISL LIGHT port_forward (light_v2)
    • Allow accept from and connect to remote hosts not just localhost
    • Allow desk to perform connects
    • Allow desk to accept connections
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