System Statistics


This menu entry includes two tables - Current usage and System information.

Current usage table includes the following information about your servers:

  • Server (indicates unique server ID)
  • Sys. uptime (indicates your server's uptime)
  • Load 1min, load 5min, load 15min(indicates server's average CPU load for the past 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes):
    • krn (kernel space CPU load)
    • usr (user space CPU load)
    • irq (interrupt request CPU load)
    • tot (total ISL Conference Proxy CPU load)
  • RAM free / total (indicates server's amount of free and total RAM)
  • Swap used / total (indicates server's used and total amount of swap space)
  • Disk free / total (indicates server's used and total amount of disk space)
  • System resources (provides some additional information about server's resources - processes, maximum number of open file descriptors [max_fds], currently opened file descriptors [open_fds])
  • TCP listen / connected / other (indicates amount of server's used TCP sockets - listening, connected and other)
  • Disk status (provides some additional information about server's disks - inodes status, number of reads and writes etc.)
  • Network status (provides information about server's network interfaces - amount of received and transmitted data per interface)

System information table includes some basic information about your servers:

  • Server (Server ID)
  • Device (Device name)
  • OS (OS running on server)
  • CPU(s) (CPU information for server - type, cores, clock)
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