Security & Privacy (macOS)


To remotely access the macOS remote computer(s) you need to enable TCC (Transparency, Consent, and Control) for ISL AlwaysOn application on macOS.

TCC (Transparency, Consent, and Control) is a mechanism in macOS to limit and control application access to certain features, usually from a privacy perspective. This can include things such as location services, contacts, photos, microphone, camera, accessibility, full disk access and more.

You can find a "Security & Privacy" section in ISL AlwaysOn settings:

  • Accessibility (to enable remote control)
  • Screen Recording (to enable screen view) 
  • Disk Access (to enables file transfer)

If the status for these Settings is DISABLED, ISL AlwaysOn does not have a consent to either remote control the computer, view the screen or to transfer files with remote computer.

Enable Remote Access on macOS

Step 1

Open "Settings" in ISL AlwaysOn.

Step 2

Click "Change" button in the "Security & Privacy" section next to the permission that you'd like to enable.

Step 3

Click "Open System Preferences" button.

Step 4

In the Security & Privacy window click "the lock" icon in order to make changes.

Step 5

Enter the macOS password and click "Unlock" button.

Step 6

Click "the checkbox" next to the ISL AlwaysOn application. Repeat this step also for Screen recording and Full Disk Access.

Step 7

If all the needed permissions were enabled correctly the state of Security & Privacy in ISL AlwaysOn settings will change to ENABLED.

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