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This topic describes executables and processes that are running/started on a computer that has ISL AlwaysOn installed as well as on computer that is trying to connect to it via ISL AlwaysOn Connect.

On server side:

  • ISLAlwaysOnService.exe (watchdog service process - it ensures that ISLAlwaysOn server process is always running)
  • ISLAlwaysOn.exe (main process that serves ISL AlwaysOn functionality)
  • ISLAlwaysOnMonitor.exe (proxy process is started in each windows session - this program starts ISL Light program in the appropriate session)
  • ISLAlwaysOn.exe (tray process is started in each session - it shows ISL AlwaysOn status icon in system tray)

When a user connects, ISLAlwaysOnMonitor.exe will start ISLLight.exe that will enable restart and resume:

  • ISLLight.exe (main ISL Light program showing GUI in serving remote desktop session)
  • ISLLightService.exe (watchdog service process - it ensures that ISLLight process is always running; proxy process that starts desktop streaming service under appropriate account)
  • ISLLightService.exe (desktop streaming service process)
  • isllight.exe (main ISL Light program showing GUI in serving remote desktop session that was restarted due to FUS, restart or logoff)
  • ISLLightFast.exe (ISL Light program showing Drag & Drop connection box, if connection was established without downloading the client)

So on the computer there might be running many ISLAlwaysOnMonitor.exe processes (one for each windows session) and there might be running many ISLAlwaysOn.exe processes showing tray icon status (one for each windows session).

On client side (accessing remote desktop) there are only two processes:

  • ISLAlwaysOnConnect.exe (process where you enter your ISL Online product password, computer access password and see the connection progress)
  • ISLLight.exe (main ISL Light program that is started by ISL AlwaysOn Connect)
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