ISL Pronto 2.0.0 and newer include ISL Pronto API and two simple examples to get you started.


ISL Pronto API can be found in C:\Program Files\ISL Online\ISL Pronto\islprontoapi\islpronto_plugin.h.

Also shown here islpronto_plugin.h.

Included plugin examples:

  • echo (C:\Program Files\ISL Online\ISL Pronto\plugins\
  • logger (C:\Program Files\ISL Online\ISL Pronto\plugins\

To use an example, simply unzip the appropriate zip file and restart the ISL Pronto client - it will load the plugin dll upon startup and the plugin will be active. If you open the debug window (ctrl+shift+d), you should see two entries, like these:

Loading plugin "plugins\echo\islpronto_plugin_echo.dll"
Starting plugin "plugins\echo\islpronto_plugin_echo.dll"

Having checked the examples, you should have a pretty clear idea how to use plugins and how to create one for your specific needs (e.g. integrate it with your CRM so that when a customer comes to your live chat, you take the supplied email address, pass it to your CRM, get some data back and add it into the chat as a comment etc.). Check the examples and the API header, create your own plugin and compile a dll. Then just create a subdirectory, e.g. myplugin, put the compiled dll file there and add a main.txt file that has the dll name in it, e.g. islpronto_plugin_myplugin.dll.


Note: ISL Pronto API is currently not available in Linux and Mac versions of ISL Pronto.

Note: Please replace C:\Program Files with the appropriate 32-bit program files location in above examples if needed.

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