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Note: To add additional users under your account you need to register an ISL Online domain first. The process is described here - Domain.

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Create User

Step 1

Click "Add new user" button on Hosted Service > Users tab.


Step 2

Enter Username, Email Address and Full Name of operator(s), than click "Add user" button.


Step 3

New user has been added to your list. All the user names will appear - \\domain\email or username. Please use this format when logging in to use products in future.

Note: Users must enter their ISL Online Domain in front of their username, with two leading backslashes. The separator between the ISL Online Domain and a username is a single backslash. Example: \\ISLOnlineDomain\username.

Change Password

Step 1

Click "More > Change password from the drop-down menu.


Step 2

Type new password and click "Change password" button.

Password Security Policy

ISL Online password security policy is based upon the latest NIST specifications.

The rules applied on password validation are:

  • password must be at least 8 characters long,
  • password must not be longer than 128 characters,
  • leading or trailing spaces are not allowed,
  • allowed characters used in password are any Unicode characters,
  • password is being checked against blacklist, which consists of most common and simplest passwords.


Forgot Password

Step 1

Click "More > Forgot password" from  the drop-down menu.


Step 2

Type email address and click "Send password" button.


Change Contact

Step 1

Click "More > Change contact" from the drop-down menu.


Step 2

Change email address or full name and than click "Change contact" button.


Delete User

Step 1

Click "More > Delete userfrom the drop-down menu.


Step 2

Click "Delete user" button.

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