Built with AJAX technologies

Unprecedented response time and supreme user experience are achieved through extensive use of AJAX technologies, allowing us to create webpages that resemble normal desktop applications. There are several advantages of using AJAX technologies:

  1. AJAX technologies are well supported across all platforms and show a high level of security in comparison to other similar technologies. Most importantly, websites are now starting to use AJAX to enhance user experience. This allows us to rely on the technology.
  2. While no browser plug-in is required, AJAX only requires users to have JavaScript enabled in their browsers.
  3. An important reason for choosing AJAX was to create a web application framework, which would have a very low network traffic overhead. Web applications now start almost instantaneously and have a low response delay even on slowest dial-up connections.
  4. An increased programming flexibility allows us to easily create advanced features.
  5. A web application interface has almost infinite customization possibilities which are easy to implement.


ISL Conference Proxy™ server

ISL Pronto runs on a network of interconnected ISL Conference Proxy™ servers. Handling point to point security and advanced connectivity methods, the ISL Conference Proxy™ server provides a scalable communication platform. Written entirely in ANSI C and with the use of internal session handling, ISL Conference Proxy™ achieves up to 20 times better performance than similar ASP or PHP solutions.


GRID enabled

The ISL Conference Proxy™ architecture provides large businesses and companies with load balancing and fault tolerant ISL GRID technology. This allows the setup of an always available or fail-safe ISL Pronto chat service. Managing all chat servers on multiple machines is performed through a centrally administered web interface. The Grid enabled ISL Pronto service does not require any special hardware to run.


Session roaming

Sessions are distributed on the ISL Conference Proxy™ grid network to prevent loss of session data while experiencing a server problem. Since geographically appropriate and load free ISL Conference Proxy™ server is assigned to the client by a range of domain name servers, clients virtually don't experience possible server problems.


Hosted Service or Server License

Using our advanced distributed architecture, the service is reliable, fast, user-friendly, and above all, it meets the most demanding bandwidth and fault tolerance criteria.

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