ISL Pronto uses industry-standard security technologies to protect data transfer. All data connections are encrypted with SSL of 256-bit end-to-end AES encryption, and above all, end-user applications are digitally signed by means of a VeriSign Certificate, which verifies the connection's integrity. In addition to the communication level, the ISL Pronto's high security is enhanced with mechanisms at application and user level.


3-level encryption and maximum security

1. Communication level

Signed executables with a certificate issued by DigiCert. Client-server session encryption using 1024-bit RSA, 256-bit AES and Diffie-Hellman (SSL standard).

2. Application level

Firstly, the website visitor is the one to approve switching from the initial text chat to the integrated audio and video communication with the supporter. Secondly, the visitor must confirm before sharing the whole desktop or just a part of it with the supporter. And thirdly, the visitor needs to confirm separately to start sharing control over his/her keyboard and mouse with the supporter.

3. User level

The website visitor is the one to initiate an ISL Pronto session and is the one to close the ISL Pronto session at any time. By means of just one click, the website visitor closes the Live Chat window, thus ending the session altogether.

For more information on the security of ISL Online products please click here.

2 Factor Authentication

In addition to security measures described above ISL Pronto supports the 2 Factor Authentication which adds another layer of security. If 2 Factor Authentication is enabled for a user then in addition to their username and password they have to enter a freshly generated code, provided trough Authenticator app, Phone, E-mail or a hardware token, when logging in.

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