Replace expired license file


Please follow these steps to replace expired license file.

Note: The procedure of changing license is the same when changes are made on IP or DNS of your ISL Conference Proxy.

Step 1

Click the "Log In" button at the top of the ISL Online home page.

Step 2

Enter your email or username and password than click the "Log In" button.

Step 3

Click "Your username" in top right corner.

Step 4

Click "Server License".

Step 5

Click "Create Packet" button on your Server.

Step 6

Select the "Server" and "Release" of ISL Conference Proxy you wish to install.

Click "Create" to complete the process.

Step 7

Once you have created the packet you can download the new License file by clicking on "confproxy-x-x.license".

Note: You can repeat this procedure for all the servers that you wish to use for ISL Conference Proxy. Usually there is only one server, but you can use more than one and either use them separately or connect them to a grid.

Step 8

Go to the configuration page on your ISL Conference Proxy and navigate to "Manage software" -> "Licenses". On this page, upload the new License by clicking "Choose file" and then "Install".

Step 9

After the new License is uploaded, click on a message "Click here to see general messages..." (displayed on top of the ISL Conference Proxy).

Step 10

In order to finish uploading of the new License file, you have to restart your ISL Conference Proxy by clicking this button.

Click "Restart ISL Conference Proxy" button.

Step 11

When the server finishes with the restart (it could take a couple of minutes), click on "Please click here to go back to the session" and you're all done with uploading the new License to your ISL Conference Proxy.

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