ISL Online programs compatibility with macOS 10.12 Sierra


IMPORTANT: This answer applies only to Apple new OS macOS 10.12 Sierra.

On macOS 10.12 you cannot start any of ISL Online programs downloaded from ISL Conference Proxy. When clicking on app icon inside DMG, the application will not be started.

The issue is in changed functionality of macOS gatekeeper which will move our signed application to randomised folder. As our applications read configuration from DMG they fail to start.


Hosted Service

Users do not do anything. We have updated our servers for you.

Server License

ISL Conference Proxy administrator needs to use online update to install ISL Network Start 4.3.2 for macOS to ISL Conference Proxy.


We have released ISL Network Start 4.3.2 for macOS which support folder randomization feature of macOS 10.12. All program downloaded using ISL Network Start (that is default) from now on should start normally. 


Move contents 

By moving contents of DMG to another location/folder on your mac you will clear flag to randomise folder. Then you will be able to start ISL Online applications.

You need to move to the same folder on your mac

  • enable hidden files in DMG by pressing COMMAND+SHIFT+.
  • copy ISL Light Client 4.1.1 (or appropriate application name) from DMG to new folder
  • copy .configuration (configuration folder) from DMG to new folder

IMPORTANT: you need to move each folder separately. If you select all the workaround does not work. If you move 2 folders with 2 drag mouse actions, it will start to work.

Disable gatekeeper

sudo spctl --master-disable 

Use terminal

Starting ISL Light from terminal using command: ./isllight will start program normally

Download raw executable

Download ISL Light with CGI parameter &raw_executable=1 && chmod +x [filename] && ./filename

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