Returns general information about ISL Groop usage for a given  time period.



token [string] (required)
    authentication token can be acquired by logging in via API sso/login/1 method
uid [string] (required)
    user id can be acquired by logging in via API sso/login/1 method
from [integer] (required)
    unix timestamp of the start of the period in question
to [integer] (required)
    unix timestamp of the end of the period in question

Return Values

JSON data object - All fields depend on time period
    sessions_count: number of sessions started
    session_count_unique: number of unique sessions started
    sessions_duration: total duration of all sessions (hh:mm:ss)
    session_duration_idle: total sessions idle time (only one person was in the session)
    ppu: ammount Pay Per Use used by ISL Groop sessions (hh:mm:ss)
    participants_count: number of users in all sessions
    participants_count_unique: number of unique users in all sessions
    licenses_max: highest number of licenses used by a single session
    session_duration_average: average length of a session
    participants_count_average: average number of participants in the sessions
    sessions_count_unique_percent: percentage of unique sessions
    participants_count_uniqie_percent: percentage of unique users


   response encoding: JSON
   token: secret
   from: 1356998400
   to: 1359676800
   POST:, token=secret, from=1356998400, to=1359676800
   POST: json={ "uid" : "", "token" : "secret", "from" : "1356998400", "to" : "1359676800" }

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